Grants Management Officer
    -Develop NGO grant fund procedures and necessary supporting documentation.
    -Organize selection panels for NGO proposals, based on UNOPS applicable procedures.
    -Negotiate agreements with selected NGOs on the basis of UNOPS applicable procedures.
      -Min 5 yrs of experience of work in civil society projects.
      -Good experience in project administration.
      -Prior experience with the UN is highly desired.
      -Proficiency in usage of computers and office software packages.
      Community Development Officer
          -Ensure that desired impact on the community is achieved, monitored and reported and that community needs and views are reflected ,incorporated into a specific project throughout its entire duration.
          -Assists with the integration of communities.
            -Masters or equivalent degree in International Relations or Community Development.
            -Sound strategic planning and Project Cycle Management experience.
            -Excellent written and spoken English,Previous experience in developing countries.
            5+ years experience
            Field Medic
                -Prepare a medical plan for the safety of all personnel in the field.
                -Align all medical practices with the relevant guiding rules and regulations coming from formal medical legislation and UN directives.
                -Participate in patrol and convoy activity.
                  -Masters or equivalent degree in Doctorate in Medicine.
                  -Residency in one of the medical specialties,internal medicine/Infectious Diseases or related fields. Training and experience in tropical medicine is highly desirable.
                      5+ years experience
                      Security Specialist
                        -Assist the CO management in implementing UN and UN agency's security policy,devising security solutions enabling UN agency's programmes and projects.
                        -Advise UN agency's personnel, project personnel,eligible dependents present at the duty station.
                          -5 yrs command experience in a police or military position, 2 yrs of which is field experience as a UN Field Security Officer, Chief Security Officer or Agency Security Officer desirable.
                          -Direct experience in the United Nations Security Management
                          Security Officer
                              -Implement all appropriate risk management strategies ,related to the safety and security of project personnel, and the protection of assets in projects. 
                              -Promote a high level of security awareness amongst personnel.
                                -Solid military or police academy qualifications with a focus on security and related operations.
                                -Additional experience in the UN missions, international peacekeeping, humanitarian or emergency operations.
                                -Fluency in written & spoken English.
                                    7+ years experience
                                    Security Coordinator
                                        -Manage and coordinate security operations, all emergency/crisis management assets.
                                        -Develop a working relationship with UNDSS Personnel and a comprehensive working knowledge of the UN Security system.
                                        -Maintain close links with Logistics, Operations
                                          -Solid academy qualifications with a focus on security and related operations.
                                          -At least 10 yrs of experience in security operations and information management in a police or military environment.
                                          -Fluency in written and spoken English.
                                          Recruiter Name:Rosmine Joe

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