* To organize, control, maintain, record and issue as per the laid down procedures for all merchandize stored in the Hotel
    * To assist the Financial Controller in formulating inventory policies
    5+ years experience
    Public Relations Manager
        * Responsible for maintaining and promoting the brand image of the hotel in every respect.
        * To maintain within the community and in neighbouring market areas, contacts with airlines, travel agencies, commercial houses, private clubs
          Incumbent should have a formal qualification in Public Relations with good communication and interpersonal skills
            5+ years experience
          Food & Beverage Manager
              * To organise, develop, operate and administer all the Food and Beverage Outlets and the Room Service.
              * To work in co-ordination with the Executive Chef for the development of new menus and menu changes.
              10+ years experience
              Kitchen Stewarding Manager
                * High standards of hygiene and sanitation in the kitchens and other assigned areas
                * Availability of food service and production equipment in excellent performance condition for the food and beverage department
                    10+ years experience
                    Executive Chef
                    Ability to develop a team that provides innovative and artistically superior and cost efficient food and beverage experiences that enhance the reputation of all the food outlets
                      Incumbent should be a team leader, good communicator and hotel management graduate with at least ten years experience as an Executive Chef in a hotel of repute.
                        10+ years experience
                        Training Manager
                            Responsible to ensure the proper training of all staff and supervisors so that every level and every category of employee's professional competence in his job in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes, is geared to meet the company's standard
                              Incumbent should be a hotel management graduate with at least seven years' experience in handling training in a hotel of repute
                              7+ years experience
                              Revenue Manager
                                  * Overseeing and directing all aspects of Revenues, including and not limited to advanced revenue systems. 
                                  * Responsible for maximizing revenue on the rooms, defining hotel room pricing
                                    Incumbent should be a hotel management graduate with at least 5 years' experience in managing the Revenue management function of a reputed hotel.
                                    Chief Security Officer
                                        Responsible to ensure the safety and security of guests, guest belongings, staff as well as the Hotel property. To develop, standardize and implement security systems and procedures for the entire Hotel
                                          Candidate should have worked with a hotel of repute with good communication skills or ex-defence personnel would also be suitable
                                          5+ years experience
                                          Chief Engineer
                                              To supervise, check and execute all activities of his department to ensure guest safety and comfort. These activities will include ensuring the smooth and appropriate functioning of air conditioning
                                                Candidate should be Electrical Engineer with atleast ten years experience in the Engineering function. He should be working as a Chief Engineer with a hotel of repute.
                                                Executive Housekeeper
                                                    * To lead the Housekeeping department in order to achieve and maintain the highest standards in cleanliness, hygiene and comfort. 
                                                    * Achieve total guest satisfaction by providing service which is the best in class
                                                      Candidate should be Hotel Management graduates with at least ten years' experience in Housekeeping of a reputed hotel with an eye for detailing. Good written and oral communication and Interpersonal skills are key for this job.
                                                      Financial Controller
                                                          * To ensure strict financial discipline in the unit and to facilitate the achievement of the desired financial results through continuous review, analysis and sharing of performance data with the management. 
                                                          * To Ensure compliance with local laws
                                                            Incumbent should be a commerce graduate with at least ten years' experience in managing the finance function in a good hotel.
                                                            HR Manager
                                                                * Develop a congenial employer-employee relationship aimed at ensuring that employees contribute effectively to the organization and facilitate employee development and growth

                                                                * Ensure statutory compliances
                                                                  Incumbent should be a degree/diploma holder in Personnel with at least five years' experience in managing HR of a reputed Hotel
                                                                  Purchase Manager
                                                                      * To organize, develop and operate effectively the purchase department. 
                                                                      * To strictly follow the procedure of purchasing laid down by the management with the objective of procuring the right merchandise at the right time and at the best price
                                                                        Incumbent should be a degree/diploma holder in Materials Management with at least five years' experience in a managerial position in Purchase in a reputed Hotel.
                                                                        Sales Manager
                                                                            * To maximize revenues of the hotel by driving maximum contribution from all producing segments through the various sources. 
                                                                            * To develop and coordinate various programs and policies relating to all marketing and promotional activities of the hotel
                                                                            7+ years experience
                                                                            Front Office Manager
                                                                                * To create optimum room sales and goodwill towards the Hotel through efficient and courteous service.
                                                                                * Responsible for proper yield management of room inventory to achieve desired profitability. Responsible for the preparation of capital
                                                                                7+ years experience
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