DCS Operator - Polymer

  • The candidate will be operating 12 hr shift
  • He should be able to handle DCS operation to ensure smooth operation of polymerization and spinning departments
  • He should be aware of basic trouble shooting to ensure smooth operation of the department.
    The candidate should have experience in continuous polyester polymerization plant
    2+ years experience
    Head - Polymerization
      To take charge of all day to day activities of polyester Polymerization Department
      Trouble shooting to solve quality problems
      To review and improve existing SOP and SOC
      Training and motivating subordinates to meet departmental Key Performance Indicators
      Maintainable of ISO documentation
      Implementation of total Quality Management in Department.
      Interact with Quality Control and Maintenance Department to ensure trouble free running of Department
          Candidates handling similar Responsibilities.
          4+ years experience
          Leader- Texturizing
              The candidate will be working in 12 hr shift 
              Candidate will undertake trouble shooting of texturizing machines
              He will correlate dty problems to polymer for improvements 
              He will ensure that SOP is maintained
              Will take care of minor maintenance of machine
                Candidates handling similar Responsibilities.
                10+ years experience
                QC manager
                  To look after all the quality control activities in polymer,poy,dty and fiber sections.
                  Should be experienced in all chemical lab and physical testing equipment used in polyester yarn and fiber analysis.
                  To maintain ISO systems and total quality management in quality control.
                  To review all SOP and SO.

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