- Operations and maintenance of sulphur solidification unit (preconditioning unit, rotoformer, steel belt etc.)
    - Ensure the smooth operations and maintenance of Sulphur Solidification Unit.
    - Check production quality.
    - Planarity regulation steel belt for day/night temperature range
    - Check general Rotoforms and adjustment
    - Control general Rotoforms and adjustment production parameters
    - Replacement sealing of sulphur nozzle
    - Replaced Packing Set and oil in Oiler
    - Replaced Friction Lining
    - Check and clean Exhaust Fan A-B
    - Carried out modification on the roller (Belt conveyor)
    - Preventive Maintenance
    - Welding Steel Belt
    - Replacement Sealing strip
    - Check of the Steel Belt (crack)
    - Maintenance Distribution System
    - Replacement Roller chain and Connection Link
    - Operations post-loading in the Scraper
    - Adjusted parameter of Tegopren Scraper Rubber
    - Cleaning filter cooling water inlet and excentric nozzle
    - Adjust parameters Refeed Bar Body
    - Replaced sensor of Tegopren
    - Replacement Discharge Knife
    - Checked Variable Gear Drive steel belt
    - Training Activity on Pastillation
    - Maintenance Bearing Drive and Service Side
    - Replacement bearings for Tegopren Roller
    - The instrument check and repair the switch for tegopren level
    - Start operations for repair the belt in pipe conveyor
    - Finish operations for repair the belt in pipe conveyor
    - Replaced manometer in Sulphur Pump A-B
    - Cleaning and greasing Scraper Bearings
    - Replaced bearing inside variable speed Rotoforms
    - Assembling Sealing Ring inside the support.
    - Reads meters, gauges, or automatic devices to record data such as temperature of equipment, vibration of equipment, hours of operation, pressure, and fluid levels to verify operating conditions.
    - Observes, records and evaluated data; maintains and reviews operational and maintenance reporting logs.
    - Keeps management fully informed of unusual conditions, damaged equipment, and current job progress as the job relates to facility operations when not assigned on shift.
    - Visually inspects and listens to equipment at periodic intervals to detect malfunctions or need for repair, adjustment or lubrication.
    - Reads blueprints and uses facility operating procedures and equipment technical manuals to maintain and repair facility equipment and ensure equipment is operated within operating range.
    - Maintains equipment by tightening fittings, replacing spare parts. Cleaning, replacing, oiling and lubricating other component parts and equipment as required.
    - Overhaul & repair of plant equipment.
    - Records maintenance actions taken.
    - Spare parts management.
    - Work shift hours, overtime, or irregular hours as needed to support reliable operation of the facility.
    - Maintains high standards of safety and housekeeping of the assigned maintenance areas.
    - Cooperates and participates as a team member.
    - Support and comply with Quality, HSE, Company Policies and ISO management system documentations and implementations
    5+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Tej Bahadur Rai
    Address:Ring Road Street, Janzour, Tripoli,Libya 8602
    Email Address:raibahadurtej@intech.ly

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