Job Duties & Responsibilities
    ---Scope of assignment---

    plan, organize, coordinate, supervise and control plant operations and safety.

    Descriptive details of assignment.

    Decide/issue daily and/or weekly production schedules; to cope with agreed/confirmed clients' delivery schedules.

    2) Synchronize production; avoiding downtime affecting overall efficiency of performance.

    Monitoring raw materials availability and issuance to secure optimized implementation of production plans.

    3) Establish production targets of assigned manpower/machineries and monitor implementation VERSUS established targets.

    4) Identify root cause of unsatisfactory performance and implement courses of corrective action.

    5) Leading supervisors, delegate work responsibilities to optimize implementation of production schedules and strategies.

    Monitor lines verification forms to acquere optimum utilization of capacity. 

    6) Coordinate closely with Sales and/or customers, job specifications and timing of delivery.

    7) Coordinate closely with Warehouse, the updates of raw materials availability.

    8) Coordinate/lead process of jobs at Pre-Press, to aligned efficient operation of production schedules.
    9) Coordinate/lead Quality Control section, of related QC activity/eports, line quality performance, produced products quality approvals, new materials trials/approvals, job specifications, and any end users quality issues.

    10) Monitor/coordinate with maintenance and operations manager, daily corrective and periodic preventive plans.

    11) Verify/approve material requests and purchase queries relevant plant needs.

    12) Review/evaluate productivity reports and performance to devis methods of improvement.

    13) Evaluate/decide plant requirements of manpower. 

    14) Organize orientation and training of manpower to upgrade productivity awareness and skills.

     15) provide technical support and solutions as required of issues confronting optimized utilization of plant capacity.

     16) Monitor plant capacity utilization and recommend need; to add or replacement of machineries.   

    17) Share planning of plant logistics; including raw materials and supplies; to minimize manpower and machineries down time. 

    18) Study and implement all measures of cost saving methods without jeopardizing quality of jobs and workflow. Cost saving covers operations, manpower, methods, workflow, power and utilities.

    19) Organize and conduct meetings as required to discuss methods change of plant collective efforts and decision making.

    20) Monitor assigned manpower to maintain efficient housekeeping, plant order and safety.

    21) Follow instructions from direct superiors as instructed/agreed. Accomplish all other responsibilities as assigned by Management.

    22) Report plant activities and performance to Company manager/deputy managing director. 

    23) Implement local/company rules/regulations and monitor compliance of memorandums and instructions.

    7+ years experience

    Recruiter Name:Mr. Anthony D'costa
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