Restaurant Manager/ Assistant Restaurant Manager
    Manage overall operations in regards to staff mgt., guest relations, budgets, inventory control etc.
    Ensure maximum guest satisfaction by maintaining service standards.
    Interact with guests, handle guest complaints & requests.
    Report to management.
      Should have worked in good stand alone restaurants or hotels.
      Should have good knowledge of F&B concepts.
      Should be able to manage his team.
      Should be an IHM graduate.
      4+ years experience
      Pastry Chef
          Hands on chef preparing pastries, desserts and other confectionery products. 
          Introducing new pastries, recipes & concepts for enhanced customer delight & update new trends 
          Actively involved in menu engineering and analysis on existing menu.
            Should have work experience in good hotel chains or stand alone pastry shops.
            Should be able to manage a team of 20-25 people.
            Should have good communication and management skills.
            8+ years experience
            Sous Chef/ Assistant Kitchen Manager
                Responsible for the entire kitchen operations of an Italian Restaurant.
                Responsible for menu planning, food costing, hygiene and overall administration of the kitchen.
                  Should have good knowledge of Italian cuisine.
                  Should have worked in good hotels or stand alone restaurants.
                  Should be able to work independently.
                  Should have good communication skills.
                  6+ years experience

Nikhila Oberoi

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