Directs the work of personnel in his charge. 
    Maintains list of safety equipment in his charge. 
    Prepares comprehensive HSE report to include accident, incident, near miss and investigation Reports and waste generation and its disposal statistics and submits to the Company's representative. 


    Devise a safety management system, which is consistent with that operated by company. He will be responsible for the implementation for the HSE, conduct training to the Contractors staff and supervises the safety aspects of the complete facilities.

    Ensures personnel's adherence to safe working. 

    Check on periodic basis all equipments and tools specified in the Contract and ensure they are in safe working condition. 

    The Safety Engineer should ensure that all the safety equipments to handle emergency shall be always available in the On-Call vehicles and shall be maintained a record for monthly checks. 

    Represent HSE awareness / campaign programs. Should be aware of EPA guidelines. 

    Should be always referring plant inspection guidelines, Fire & Safety Regulation and Health Safety Environment Management System. 

    He should be familiar with EGD activities and liaise with KOC Safety Team as required. 
    He should strictly follow EOD Specialist instructions for day-to-day activities. 

    Conducts Training on Safety to Contractor personnel. 

    Conducts Safety Promotion lectures / seminars to the Contractor personnel. 

    Advises and suggest safe system of work in the designated fields. 

    Assist his Contractor personnel in obtaining work permit (Hot & Cold, Vessel Entry, Vehicle Entry, Electrical and Excavation etc.). 

    Ensures personnel protective and safety equipment are effectively and correctly used and maintained in good condition as per the Company Safety procedures and requirements. 

    Should be familiar with Fire and other emergency situation and evacuation procedures. 

    Maintains good housekeeping at all time during the course of work. 


    Liaises with the Company Safety Representative on daily basis and as required. 
    Liaises with the Company as well as other Contractors personnel concerning Safety matters. 
    Liaises with the Contractors Resource Administrators and Supervisors within the Contract to ensure Safe working condition. 



    Degree in Engineering. Eight (8) years experience in the in the relevant field as Safety Engineer. 

    Shall be properly qualified and experienced in Fire, Gas & Safety Alarm System and is aware of environmental, occupational health and hygiene protection measures and the requirements of the Contract. 

    Shall be experienced in the use of Computers and its applications. 

    Must be fluent in reading, writing and speaking English language. 

    Must be a holder of the valid Kuwait driving license. 

    Supervisory Function
    Supervises the safety aspects of the complete facility and the Contractors staff.

    Be capable of group communication to direct the personal to adhere to safety


    Possess analytical abilities strongest in diagnostic, eliminative and historical in that order. 


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