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    Scaffolding Supervisor
    Diploma Degree in a related discipline.
    5-8 years of related work experience.
    Provides technical knowledge, expertise and supervision for erecting, construction, dismantling of
    Scaffolding as per Client Requirement
    To ensure the scaffolding procedure, standards and specifications are followed during scaffolding
    erection, construction and dismantling
    Inspect & certify all types of scaffolding material before use. Provide material estimated on demand
    Inspect all types of scaffold. Identify faults and provide/supervise the recommended action for
    correction on the spot.
    Develop estimates for scaffolding erection and dismantling
    Assignment of scaffold manpower and ensuring that crews meet production expectation
    Regularly plan and coordinate with other departments for follow-up of the scaffolding requirements and
    site safety activities as per plan
    Regularly verify the safety of erected scaffolding
    Ensure proper implementation of Tagging System and Develop safe work practices related to scaffolding
    Coaching and mentoring of employees about Proper use of Safety Harnesses, correct Work at Height
    Procedure, Use of PPE
    Responsible for support of Companys Quality & HSE Policies
    Scaffolding Inspector
        Diploma Degree in a related discipline.
        6-10 years of related work experience.
        Scaffolding Inspection and Tagging Procedure, Work at height, Work in confined spaces where
        rescue required, manual handling, slung scaffolds, cantilever scaffolds and loading bay, bridges
        & bridging sections , temporary roofs, work over or near steel, work on sloping or fragile
        surfaces, Bird Cage , Access Towers & Lifting Towers
        Uses & Inspection of safety equipment of scaffolding
        Understanding basic design criteria; Statutory Regulations and Codes of Practice; Inspection &
        Safe use of Safety Harnesses; Risk Assessment.
        Shall work in accordance with established procedure, specification and specialized technical
        Able to develop method statement and provide design calculations
        Responsible for support of Companys Quality & HSE Policies
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