-Perform the ticket sales and inform visitors of park activities.
    -Receive and attend to visitors taking the pertinent actions for the fast entry and exit of the different types of customer in compliance with the pre-established service standards.
    -Receive school visitors, as well as follow the bus reception logistics for the agile and safe boarding and disembarking of visitors.
    -Put on a bracelet on every visitor entering the park and verify no visitor exits without going through the corresponding security procedure so as not to endanger anyone.
    - Maintain queue order to the end of providing each person with good service and attention.
    -Participate in night-time events when needed.
    -Provide attention to visitors who need information, to lodge a complaint or to make a suggestion.
    -Provide information on the safekeeping of personal objects and placement of bracelet message on locker usage.
    -Maintain the work equipment clean and functioning correctly.
    -Verify raw and needed material for daily operation (magnets, bracelets, etc.)
    -Insure the safekeeping of the equipment and area elements at the end of daily activities.

    -Service attitude Customer service focus Cashier management
    PC and Office skills

    -Minimum High School Graduate
    -Good English Knowledge (oral & written communication)
    - Transmit the artistic experience to visitors by using the dynamics and elements in the establishments


    -Attend to visitors needs and provide the best service. Provide support to internal or external events.
    -Keep control of its Kidlars fund.
    -Participate in programmed trainings for the area in order to keep the area's activities updated. Implement the new activities generated for the area.
    -Provide all kinds of support in the establishment.
    -Elaborate checklist and reports in order to know the operational status of the establishment. Report incidences to the Coordinator or Manager.
    -Maintain the working area's image and cleanliness.

    Experience on some as party / children events animator
    Affinity with children

    Minimum High School Graduate
    Good English Knowledge (oral & written communication)

    - Act as educational guide in the establishments, adopting the role in each establishment, developing activities and preparing procedures and take care of the entire establishment.

    2. ZONE EDUCATORS / Customer Care Executive


    -Offer good service to visitors.
    -Interact with the children who visit the Park and implement the activities in compliance with documentation, guidelines and procedures.
    -Attend trainings to be updated in new activities.
    -Attend to and provide solution to visitor complaints and simple problems and direct them to the
    -Coordinator if needed.
    -Keep control of visitor affluence through the system or manually. Do a checklist in the establishment on a daily basis.
    -Elaborate inventory of establishments' raw materials.
    -Identify failures, shortage of raw materials and consumables, utensils or elements and report them to the Coordinator.
    -Manage and control funds in compliance to the policies and procedures of Kidlars Finance.
    - Establishment cleaning up on opening, during the operation and closing.

    -Affinity with children
    -People skills Well groomed Good diction

    -Minimum High School Graduate
    -Good English Knowledge (oral & written communication)

    Those who are interested please send their updated resumes to the mail id " sneha@transasia.info " mentioning the job title as "educator-qatar" 

    or contact sneha -9167447135

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