Salary: OMR. 200 (equivalent to INR 34500) 

    Operates concrete, asphalt, or sand and gravel plant to batch, crush, or segregate materials used in construction

    Moves controls on panel board or control board to heat, dry, and mix ingredients, such as asphalt, sand, stone, and naphtha, to produce asphalt paving materials; to weigh and mix aggregate, cement, and water to produce concrete; or to control feeding, crushing, and sifting machinery in sand and gravel plant.

    Observes gauges, dials, and operation of machinery to ensure conformance to processing specifications.

    May be designated according to type of plant operated as Asphalt-Plant Operator; Concrete-Batch-Plant Operator; Sand-And-Gravel-Plant Operator; or according to machine function as Crusher Operator.
    Recruiter Name:Mr. Vikram

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