1. Receiving the contract documents (BOQ, specification, drawings, schedules & addendums if any) from H.O.D.
2. To ensure the MAS and working drawings schedules are prepared in line with the contract documents and approved construction progrmme.
3. Receiving and reviewing the approved construction programme from main contractor& prepare HVAC programme accordingly. If there is any discrepancy in duration, starting date& ending date, the same to be highlighted in HVAC programme.
4. To study the approved HVAC construction programme and to prepare the manpower, tool/tackles, plants/machinery, material requirements and discuss the same with H.O.D well in advance to make necessary arrangements for the same/resources.
5. To ensure the progress is achieved as per the approved construction programme and plan to make up for time loss if any. Prepare and submit the progress report s required by the main contractors/client/consultants.
6. To ensure that all files, latest drawings and other relevant documents are maintained and updated. To ensure the filling of all incoming / outgoing papers, mails and letters.
7. Responsible for all contractual correspondences for HVAC works. 
8. Assisting HOD in all technical matters.

9. Monitoring of actual v/s estimated cost and appraising the HOD of same.
10. Interaction with relevant sites and sections/departments.
11. Responsible for day to day HVAC activities for all ongoing projects.
12. Attend all meetings with clients, consultants & contractors etc.
13. Report the outcomes of all the meetings to HOD.
14. Coordinate for the entire requirement for materials, drawings, manpower & transportation etc. 
15. To ensure the daily labour returns report is prepared and submitted and to the Planning Manager/HOD.
16. To assist the tendering & estimation in charge for the HVAC works.
17. Making the variation statements and shall ensure that the QS is submitting all the variations are submitted with proper supporting documents and approved. To ensure the monthly valuations are prepared for all ongoing HVAC jobs in coordination with Joint Chief QS and submitted to the client in time.
18. Study all drawings thoroughly and check the items & quantities of BOQ and inform H.O.D of any discrepancy.
19. Be thorough with all the specifications, working module and company policies.
20. Guide all site staff for smooth functioning of day to day HVAC activities.

21. Responsible for completion of project with zero error, within the specified time, without any escalation in the cost of project with utmost priority to quality.
22. To ensure the quality system is followed after approved QA/QC plan, including appropriate method statements for various HVAC activities.
23. To monitor the cost. 
24. To submit technical quarries, CVI, RFI and follow up for the reply/confirmation.
25. To verify the reports sent by the site engineers& take necessary action.
26. Monitoring the movements of HVAC materials from store to various sites and from sites to stores/other sites. Take prior approvals from the concern as per company policy.
27. Monitor & ensure safety at site as per the approved HSE plan.
28. Interacts with main contractors and sub contractors/consultants for all the HVAC works.
29. To conduct regular meetings at site with sub contractors/suppliers to ensure the timely delivery of materials and hence completion of the project as per the approved programme.

Candidate must have valid passport.
Ready to relocate at Oman.
Must have exp. in Gulf atleast 3-4 years.
GCC Licence would be an added advantage.
Exp. in Construction is mandatory.
If the candidate is from Gulf NOC is required from current company

9+ years experience

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