Position: BMU Manager

    Experience in an unique / bespoke BMU Design in high rise building

    We need candidates with high rise experience, Without experience in high rise the person can not do the job. So we can say high rise experience is a must.

    About BMU It means Building maintenance unit about the faade units in the buildings including, installation, quality and etc.

    It can be preferably from mostly mechanical engineering, sometimes also civil engineering

    Extensive experience in design, calculation, manufacture and installation of equipment for maintenance of facades, using mechanical applications in civil engineering, including design of suspended moving gantries for servicing of high-rise atrium spaces.

    Participation in the conceptual design, sales processes, procurement, detailed design and manufacture, installation and commissioning of units of permanent access equipment facade preparation of technical documentation for launch of manufacturing, installation and maintenance manuals.

    Ability to develop prototypes from the schematic sketches to the detailed reproduction of the sets, using computer programs


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