The Company was established and is led by its Chairman, Mr. Abdullatif Al-Arfaj. Al-Arfaj Group began operations initially in the operation and maintenance of Saudi Qatar border and then diversified in HVAC projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    HVAC Site Engineer, 
    HVAC Piping Supervisor, 
    HVAC Ducting Supervisor, 
    HVAC Ducting Technician, 
    Pipe Fitter 
    Pipe Welder-6G, 
    Chiller Technician, 
    HVAC & AC Technician, 
    HVAC Quantity Surveyor, 
    HVAC Quality Controller
      5+ years experience
    Experience in Installation of Chilled Water System, Thermal storage tank,Pump,CHw, AHU's, FCU's,Air Duct system.

    Client Interview in Patna, Kolkata, Delhi & Hyderabad.

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