-Able to read and understand electrical drawings and manage to execute the work as per client requirement.
-Able to make request for the quantity of materials required from the working drawings. 
-Thorough knowledge of materials required to complete the electrical installation.
-Distribute the electricians/helpers for work, according to their ability and able to ensure productivity of electricians is met as per site requirement.
-Proper management of the delivered material at site and issue materials according to the demand and should have overall control of the materials used.
-Communicate with electricians and engineer regarding site related issues without delay. 

-Monitor the work of the electricians and guide them to improve their mistakes.
-Manage / ensure the safety of the electricians working at site.
-Execute the job as per the task given within allocated time.
-Collect any information from the consultant/client in the absence of engineer and should notify with immediate effect.
-Attend technical meetings along with engineer and are able to answer or support the engineer, if any practical difficulties to execute the work at site.
-Support the draftsman to finish the as built drawings as per the site conditions.
-Handle the site inspections for the work with consultant engineer.
-Aware about the budget for the job and quality of the work should maintain according to the companys budget limit. 

5+ years experience

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