Provide support to President by effectively managing his schedule. Duties to be performed require considerable administrative, secretarial, confidentiality, patience, initiative, tact, maturity and independent judgment. 

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    1. Keeping a track related to all work for Nepal operation.
    2. Timely receipt of MOR from various units for President office.
    3. Analysis of MOR and preparing a progress report from the previous MORs received.
    4. Presenting the Report to the President as per his availability.
    5. Coordination for meetings with the Personnels and following up on issues raised during the meeting.
    6. Taking notes and transcribes correspondence on important and confidential matters to officials.
    7. Attends meetings, takes minutes, maintains records, prepares reports and maintains official records. 
    8. Review and summarize miscellaneous reports and documents, and prepare background documents as necessary.

    9. Seek answers to the questions raised by President by following up with the team.
    10. Coordinating local meetings, delegations (doesnt include daily meeting) and prepare agendas for the same.
    11. Incorporation of issues on fortnightly reports and updates on the same.
    12. Screens telephone calls, determines purpose and refers to others when appropriate.
    13. Initiate and respond to written and verbal correspondence, including composition, editing and distribution.
    14. Prepares and briefs the President for meetings, presentations and speeches by coordinating with staffs.

    15. Preparation of monthly bank loan statements for various units.
    16. Analysis of Interest rates.
    17. Keeping a track record on recovery status on a fortnightly basis. 
    18. Coordinating with various unit and recovery team presenting the report to President on fortnightly basis.
    19. Other necessary work as directed by President. 
    4+ years experience
    Email Address: absar.haider@cgcorpglobal.com

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