DCS Operator
    Monitoring of Process Parameters maintaining optimum conditions on the running plant or unit.
    Ensuring strict compliance with operating safety procedures.
    Reading and Logging at regular specified intervals the conditions of the plant from the instruments located in the operational area and informing the Control Room Supervisor of any apparent deviations from the specified operating conditions and adjust as required.
    Operating by adjusting and monitoring the alterations of speeds, temperature and flow rates as necessary under the direction of the DCS Supervisor or Shift Controller.
    Be fully Familiar with emergency shutdown procedures
    Field Operator
        Actively monitor critical functions of the unit or plant that you have been assigned to and ensure that HSE and the Permit systems are strictly adhered to as per operational procedures.
        Identify and participate in trouble shooting of process upsets.
        Be familiar with Isolation and De-Isolation of equipments for maintenance or shutdowns within the process unit.
        Have experience in the day to day preventive maintenance in operational activities ie strainer clean outs ,draining systems ,chemical loading, steam cleaning etc.
        All of the activities will be under the direction of the Operations Supervisor or Shift Controller.
        7+ years experience
        Recruiter Name:Mr. BUNTY
        Email Address:jasminsoundlines@gmail.com

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