Basic Function
    His main function is to assist the Manager of the Flight Operations Center (FOC) with the day to day running of the operations dept. and ensuring all data is provided to flight crew in a timely manner prior to every flight.

    1. Duties & Responsibilities
    Be responsible for the operation and liaison between company and the different clients and authorities at his base.
    Be responsible to ensure that that FOC Instructions are brought to the attention to flight crew, and that other relevant information bulletins are displayed on the Base Bulletin Board.
    Ensure that company route manuals and other operational charts and maps are up-to date, valid and available to the flight crews.
    Supervise the accommodation facilities of crew members, when established by the company.
    Supervise available ground transportation in the operation.
    Develop and distribute required flight planning documentation at the Base office except maintenance documentation.
    Maintain all office routines, filing and distribution of reports, mail, and OPS flight plans, Weight and Balance forms and other documentation.
    Establish an effective system for communication between the Base and each flight crew member assigned to the Base, and also ensure that any operational instruction and / or information is brought to the attention of each crew member;
    Insure that the company office and airplanes stationed at the base are secured at the end of operation every day.
    Introduction of new staff into the operation; and immediately take required action in any SAR operation and / or other emergencies in the operation providing information to company emergency team and liaison at local base.
    Keep an up-dated list of names, addresses and telephone numbers, pertinent to the Alert Plan of Crisis, readily displayed in the Base Office.
    In addition to above he is responsible for the following:
    Cesar System

    He will be trained and able to operate the Cesar system as required to keep control of all crewmembers designated for flight duty within the approved CAR-OPS requirements for flight- and duty times and rest requirements. 
    Nav Tech Flight Planning Software.

    He will be trained and qualified to operate the Nav Tech flight planning system inn accordance with requirements of the company and in accordance with all requirements CAR-OPS. He will be able to updatethe Sabre system with the necessary information in order to keep the navigational database up to date and synchronized with that of the aircraft. He will also train any new dispatchers on this system.

    Flygprestanda Guru Performance calculation programme

    He will be trained and qualified to operate the Guru systems and responsible for using this tool to provide pilots with valid and up-dated runway performance data for each airport to be used.Also keep up-to date the manual paper format RWY analyses and provide to Flight Crew when needed.
    Jeppesennav data

    These are our enroute and terminal navigational charts; there is one set per aircraft and one set for the office. As these are based on the latest navigational data for each country they must be updated and valid in accordance with AIP as soon as there are any changes in order to ensure validity.

    3+ years experience

    Recruiter Name:Angelo David
    Email Address:david@virainternational.com

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