Direct and carries out in day to day bases the regular checks to ensure safe working conditions and safe working practices for all activities in any of the company's areas Check and test safety equipment in the plants and to ensure that personnel follow QAPCO'S Safety regulations & procedures. To handle the specific work permits for the safe execution of all kind of jobs

    a) Organizes and foliows-up the daily work of carrying out safety checks in the plant according to the inspection schedule. b) Follows up on and issues a variety of permits such as work permits, hot work permits, confined space entry permits, special work permits, electrical isolation work permits, excavation permits and access permits for vehicles, crane work permit and scaffolding permit. and participates in toolbox talks prior to commencement of work c) Determines nature of works and safety conditions, sampling the work place atmosphere by using different gas meters to make sure's it's safe for work, requiring an in depth knowledge of the plant and the processes, Prepares and signs on behalf 'of the Safety Section. d) Supervises the implementations of the "Permit to work" system, ensuring proper measures are taken prior to commencement of work such as equipment or plant isolation, shutdowns, and that necessary tests are taken such as gas tests. Ensure all work areas are safe for required work with visits to work sites during dangerous or potentially difficult work e) Ensures, thorough recommendations to the superior that adequate stocks of safety and emergency equipments and protective clothing area available at all times f) Controls the issue and use of such equipment and follows up to replace defective or worn clothing and equipment by recommending supply as necessary, including removing equipment, passing to the safety Material Agent for action and returning equipments to its assigned location g) Ensure that all plant personnel apply safety rules and regulations and draws the attentions of the superior to any infractions. Includes making regular plant tours, checks that personnel area wearing the correct protective clothing and PPE's h) Reviews new project work proposed on site to ensure that safety and emergency facilities and equipments are included at the design stage such as work. Follows up on the safety aspects of such work to ensure compliance with the Company's standards and requirements i) Reviews risk assessment and suggest way to proper way to execute the job safety, participates to the periodic safety audits, Makes regular daily tours to check on housekeeping, safe working practices and to ensure that work areas safe after completion of maintenance and repair j) Tests the fixed firefighting installations such as sprinkler systems, foam systems, booster pumps, deluge systems making sure they are working correctly, opening valves, isolating valves from the network. Replaces all types of Fire .Extinguishers after the due date. Keeps records of all replaced Fire Extinguishers in a databank, Liaises with Production personnel as required for operating equipments k) Reports any safety violations to the superior and issues near miss reports. Discusses situations and ideas with plant supervisions and Safety measures supervisors and follows up to ensure safety implementations 

    I) Follows up on all work related to QVC equipments inside QAPCO. Follows the safety measures during loading/forwarding at jetty to and from the cargo ship m) Working in shift, shift activities including night shifts to cover activities in silent hours and weekends n) Ready to work as and when require, i.e. silent hours and weekends. o) Preparation of weekly reports and communicates to the superior and section heads. p) Maintain and keep records of safety requirements issued to the plant. Gas meters, SCBA set Oxygen cylinders etc..... q) Proper handover and takeover of the activities. 

    Secondary (12 years) education 5 years experience in safety in the petrochemical industry Preferable Certification on National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Very good spoken and written English Computer literature 

    4. CONTACTS 

    Frequent contact at Foreman level and above in Operations and maintenance to draw attention to unsafe conditions and practices and to exchange information and coordinate/Recommend actions on safety matters 

    Works in accordance with established procedures, standard practices or detailed instructions. Works is usually spot checked or monitors by Safety Leader

    Carries out duties in accordance with established procedures and safety standards. Develops ideas for improving safety. Keeps the superior advised of work progress. Completed work is subject to review and discussion 

    7. CONDUCT 
    Good interpersonal relationship Out spoken Hard working, Active participant Working with positive attitude 

    15 /0 - Lifting and carrying medium weight materials and tools 85% - Waking, standing and some climbing 10 % - Air- conditioned environment 90 % - In the plant exposed to operating and prevailing weather conditions of heat, humidity, noise, dirt and vibrations 
    Recruiter Name:Rakshali
    Email Address:rakshaliip@indianpersonnel.com

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