Job Title- Inspection Engineer.
    Department INSPECTION
    Reporting To Functional Administrative
    Departmental Head Departmental Head/ Head of function.
    No. of Reportees Direct / Indirect :1-2 Will vary as per requirement, maximum up to 6-8 during shutdown.

    Role Objective To ensure that the Process Equipment remains in the best possible condition so that its fitness for purpose throughout the plant designed life is maximized for continued and uninterrupted operation.
    Primary Responsibilities Conduct routine inspection activities on Plant Equipment as per Inspection Plan to ensure fitness for purpose / service.
    Perform inspection activities on Plant Equipment as per the request / notification from Plant Maintenance/process section.
    Perform measurement and recording of readings, document the observations, mentioning specifically the major deviations and change in conditions of the asset.
    Witness Pressure testing and other On-stream and Off-stream tests on equipment.
    To implement and ensure compliance of online & off line schedule for static equipment. 
    To maintain the statutory compliances as per the applicable laws.
    To initiate the departmental purchase requisitions for services, consumables & others including finalization of the job scope.
    Plan & implement the inspection activities during shutdown.
    To maintain the all the required inspection records for the plants and present the same during audit (External/Internal) and other statutory verification.
    To operate & maintain the instrument health of the departmental instruments. 
    Prepare, review/approve & implement the departmental SOPs.
    To prepare, circulate & keep records of all plant inspection reports.
    To maintain the plant wise equipment history.
    Review & inspection of ITP for the different types of inspection jobs.
    Internal Entity / Contact Nature of interaction
    Plant Heads, Sectional Heads & maintenance team. Technical
    External Entity / Contact
    NDT Agencies, Laboratories, Statutory Authorities Technical / Commercial
    Decision Matrix
    (Responsible / Approve/ Consult / Inform)
    Responsible For failure through the pressure boundary of process equipment.
    Approve Departmental SOPs, manuals.
    Consult Immediate reporting officer & Unit head.
    Inform HOD, Plant Heads, Sectional Heads

    Experience:6-8 Years

    Should be B.E/ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with throughout inspection background. Having ASNT level-II certification in DPT, MPT, RT and UT. CSWIP/API certification will be an additional qualification (not mandatory).

    Skills & Competencies

    Visual Examination techniques of weld and plant assets.
    Functionality testing of Relief Valves & other valves. 
    Insulation Inspection techniques 
    Corrosion protective Coating / Lining / Painting Inspection techniques. 
    Leak / Pressure Testing of heat exchangers & other PVs. 
    Destructive Testing physical, chemical, metallurgical test. 
    Radiographic Examination 
    Ferrite testing.
    Ultrasonic examination. 
    Thickness monitoring.
    Having sound knowledge in inspection of pressure vessels, piping, tank, exchangers, furnaces, reformers & boilers.
    Should have experience of plant inspection for petrochemical/ fertilizers.

    Knowledge Should have knowledge in

    The various forms of welding techniques as well as the QA and QC procedures of the same.

    Welding procedure specifications and Procedure qualification specifications for various combinations of MOCs and thickness similar and dissimilar joints applicable for Plant Equipment, Pipe Line, Valves & Fittings.

    International codes, standards (including ASME/API ) and standards of reputed PMC / DECs.

Ms. Anjani

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