Since the beginning, various types of marine and offshore vessels have undergone repairs at it. In short, It is now capable of handling repairs of different types / sizes of vessels. It was among the first shipyards in the world. The company currently represents about twenty ship repair and conversion yards and is able to undertake work on all types of vessels ranging from VLCCs through to Offshore jack-up and Production.
    Qualification: degree in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
    Experience: Should have minimum  10 to 12 years experience in Shipping & Marine Industry
    Duties & Responsibilities: 
    Overall responsible for maintenance carried out by personnel under his direct control and ensures that all equipment, tools, plants and transport means are well maintained.
    Responsible for coordinating the allocated resources under his control to achieve best results
    Holds daily meeting with his Section Heads and Supervisors to check the progress of work and to provide technical advice and job priorities
    On a daily basis, attends the Production meeting to provide information on the up-to-date situation regarding condition of vital Yard equipment.
    Daily visits/inspects workshops, plants and equipment to check progress of maintenance works and general condition of equipment and give technical advice
    Develops and pro-actively seeks management approval for all revisions in maintenance policies used for the different types of equipment.
    Direct responsible for the planning and implementation of preventive maintenance schemes and breakdown maintenance of all Yard equipment, infrastructure and including graving dock, floating docks, cranes and maritime fleet.
    Responsible for maintaining the level of competency in his department and has to ensure that effective training is implemented.
    Establish and maintain career and succession development plan for the critical positions. (in consultant with HR)

    Nationality: Indian
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