Process & Support Engineer
    Prepare and Develop Project plans in form of GANTT Charts, Curves and Project activities time line utilizing software i.e. MS Project with clear project milestone dates. Update the Project plans with planned and actual progress and advise Project Engineers to do project resource management to meet project key milestone dates, Prepare baseline schedule for project Scope, cost and schedule.

    Prepare comprehensive Project schedules with key milestone dates, resources, man hours with clear description of project critical path and float covering all phases of projects such as project initial plan, engineering design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and project closeout. Perform Project earned value management to define present status of project and foretasted project key milestone dates. Communicate with EPC Contractor, Construction Contractor, Project Engineers and Project Manager to prepare comprehensive project schedule for Project Section Projects.

    Review project schedules & plans for Project Change Requests with coordination of Project Engineers and assist Project Manager to develop optimum project plans and schedule. Review Change Request cost by comparing the cost with resources and tasks against Change Request scope of work and other key milestone dates.

    Review Contractors biweekly and monthly Progress Reports with perspective of project status and resources allocation and assist Project Manager and Project Engineers for contingency plans to complete the project within planned milestone dates.

    Perform tasks assigned by Project Manager.

    Perform technical meetings with Contractor Planning and Scheduling Engineers to develop firm Project Schedules and do necessary site visits to assess actual progress of works at site along with available Contractor manpower and resources present at site. Communicate with Project Engineers and SabTank Departments as required to establish comprehensive project plans and schedules.

    Special Skills & Knowledge

    Sound technical knowledge of Project Management Software such as MS Project etc. and CPM and PERT Techniques.
    6+ years experience
    PESS Safety Shutdown System Engineer - Kayan
        Maintain all the critical PESS & F&G systems (Invensys Triconex control systems in the entire SK complex.

        Check integrity and reliability of PESS safety shutdown systems components, prepare monthly health check reports etc.

        Make necessary arrangement with other maintenance teams to overcome any problems arising in PESS system components.

        Support all preventive maintenance of plant PESS systems as per PM schedule, maintenance down days & annual TA'S.

        Suggest any minor/major modifications to improve reliability, efficiency of the plants & its related control systems.

        Provide support for MOC implementation such logic modifications & support alarms & events for RCA meeting etc.

        Participate & conduct user activities when control system overview, modifications & bypassing tag in PESS programs.

        Carry out troubleshooting activities when control systems problems arise in entire SK complex.

        Responsible as core team member to maintain the healthiness of all PLC control system assets. 

        Special Skills & Knowledge

        Expert in Invensys Triconex Safety System.
        Proficient in general PLC systems, safety systems requirements, general shutdown systems programming.
        Fair reporting writing skills.

        Other Requirements

        Proficient analytical & problem solving skills.
        Good Knowledge of English.
        Good behavior & attitude with colleagues.
        6+ years experience
        EHSS Incident Analyst - Sharq
            Analyzing the EHSS incidents reported to make ensure compliance to incident management system.

            Analyzing EHSS incident occurring within company, potential of similar incidents were reviewed, Awareness shared with all personnel, actions items developed and closed as per the target dates.

            Periodically updating the status EHSS incidents reported to the concerns.

            Supporting Incident High Learning Value committee on analyzing the EHSS incidents. 

            Special Skills & Knowledge

            3 years as an EHSS Incident/Accident Analyst in the Oil and gas or Petrochemical industry 
            Relevant experience in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry, with a wide background knowledge in process, 

            operations, regulations and standards.

            Other Requirements

            Expert Computer Skills in MS office (Word, Power point, Excel)
            8+ years experience
            Recruitment Officer
                Receiving manpower supply order for mass recruitment and assigning it to agencies based on Supply management recommendation.
                Responsible about follow ups and support till the order is delivered.
                Responsible for delivery of order within agreed Service Level and solving/escalating any delays.
                Following up and supporting Business operations regarding updates on the contract till its closure. 
                Announcing new openings
                Receiving applicants and placing the pre-interview calls to them, filling up pre-interview evaluation form.
                Saving them on our white-list databases according to the most suitable Job title.
                Arranging for interviews with Business operations based on demand.
                Receiving orders from key clients on technical and professional jobs
                Checking the recruitment databases for the CVs, or searching job boards and internal sources for applicable candidates.
                Announcing the required technical job openings to agencies 
                Placing a pre-interview calls and filling up the evaluation form
                Sometimes it would require them to re-assign again for a 2nd or 3rd interview and evaluation by Talent Acquisition team to add more evaluations before submitting to client
                Managing the hiring or selected candidates with our Agencies, and/or going for business trips for recruitment workshops with clients.
                Supplying Talent Acquisition by CVs of candidates who were shortlisted but not selected to evaluate them and add them to internal database.

                Special Skills & Knowledge

                Should master knowledge on Job boards and Job portals.
                Should be able to deal with huge number of applicants online and manage tasks vs time
                Must maintain good knowledge in HR market when it comes to Salaries ranges VS Professions.

                Other Requirements

                Should cover all professions levels : Blue-Collar, White-Collar and professionals.
                5+ years experience
                Online Analyzer Engineer
                    Provide assistance analyzer technicians, supervisors and specialists in carrying out and executing complete specialized maintenance tasks on analyzers.

                    Assist development, preparation and implementation of planned of planned Shutdown activities.

                    Provide advice, comments and technical expertise for optimum smooth running of laboratory and online process analyzers.

                    Assist In development and update of PM schedules.

                    To ensure availability of spare parts, tools, equipment and documents recommended for fault finding, troubleshooting and repairing of analyzers.

                    Maintain and monitor equipment history through SAP .

                    Assist department in identification, monitoring & control of environmental aspect impacts, Assist department In compliance of OMS (ISO 9001:2000) EMS (ISO 14001:2004). OSHAS ISO 18001 and ISO 17025 Accreditation.

                    Provide input for weekly and monthly reports.

                    Provide and ensure the on obtaining of subordinates.

                    Assist and coordinate in new project and MOC work activities.

                    Special Skills & Knowledge

                    Degree :- ONLINE ANALYZER Engineer ( instrument Engineer)

                    Minimum Experience :- 10 Years.

                    Other Requirements

                    Experience in Fertilizers or petrochemical plants.
                    Sr. Mechanical Planner
                        Manage schedule Turnaround activities (Work Order & Scope of work, Cost, material and Invoices) in coordination with
                        Inside and outside concerned department.
                        Budget Estimation Preparation based on the Customized Shutdown Maintenance Job List.
                        Support Maintenance for any External Services and Non Stock material requirement for Regular jobs if required.
                        Create Services and Non Stock Material Purchase Requisitions and Follow up with GPS (Global Procurement Services).
                        Service Entry sheet for Projects & TA Services and follow-u p until payment has been done to the contractor.
                        External Communication and Coordination during TA.
                        KPI Report Preparation: Collect all data from all sources / get required SAP data and generate KPI report. Record all KPI

                        Special Skills & Knowledge

                        Microsoft Office,
                        Primavera use & MDRM

                        Other Requirements

                        Degree :- Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Equivalent
                        Minimum Experience :- 10 years
                        Project Engineer - Civil -sharq
                            Must be a graduate in Civil Engineering With 10-20 years of experience with petrochemical/OII & Gas Industry.

                            Should have worked with major projects with experience in Project initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, Controlling and Closing.

                            Should be conversant With engineering Drawings, Engineering Standards and knowledge of ASTM, ACI and IBC codes.

                            Should have interpersonal and Leadership qualities. 

                            Analytical Ability, decision making and conflict resolution skills.

                            Should be able to interact with other disciplines like Mechanical, Instruments, Process, Electrical, Operations etc.

                            Gulf Experience is preferred and PMP certification shall be a plus point.

                            Special Skills & Knowledge

                            MS Office, Knowledge in building foundation and architectural and steel structural works. 

                            Basic knowledge in project initiation. monitoring and supervision of contractors.

                            Other Requirements

                            Familiarity with international standards (ASTM,ACI and IBC AlSC) 
                            Familiarity with Sabic Standards shall be a plus point.
                            9+ years experience
                            Vibration Specialist
                                Carries out snapshot surveys on the condition of rotating and associated equipment.

                                Conducts studies of problematic equipment, Includes taking vibration mode shape and spectrum.

                                Tacking additional readings using various condition monitoring tools making plots and recommendations.

                                Checks the integrity and effectiveness of alarm systems, mainly Bently Nevada and MTC systems.

                                Provide Operations rotating equipment start-up support for all critical Rotating Equipment.

                                Maintains and updates equipment histories. Includes identifying trends.

                                Conduct Daily walkabouts to the unit to monitor the health of the equipment.

                                Responsible to witness and sign off on all safety critical turbine over-speed tests.

                                Special Skills & Knowledge

                                Must be CAT II certified Vibration analyst or higher
                                Must have a minimum 5 years experience in Vibration and Condition Monitoring

                                Other Requirements

                                Ex-Sabic or Aramco is preferred
                                Very good writing and reporting skills
                                Very good English language skills
                                11+ years experience
                                Project Engineer - Mechanical - Sharq
                                    Candidate must be a graduate in Mechanical Engineering With 10 years' experience in projects execution in major petro chemical/Oil & Gas and related Industries. 

                                    Job scope includes preparation of Invitation-to-Bid (ITB), review Of basic and detail engineering drawings and other project deliverable's, coordination with Other disciplines such as Civil, E&l, process and Operations, progress review/ follow up, project Closing formalities. 

                                    Fully apprised Of local and international Standard Leadership and teamwork Skills, well versed in spoken/ written English. 

                                    Have skills interpersonal relationship, decision making, conflict resolution. 

                                    Previous experience in Petrochemical industry in Gulf preferred. 

                                    Special Skills & Knowledge

                                    Knowledge of Static and rotating equipment.
                                    11+ years experience
                                    Unix Engineer
                                        Engineer will also provide basic system administrators as 1st line support, troubleshoot system problems under
                                        consultant/Expert Unix admin responsibility. Unix OS & Patches installation, Capacity planning reporting, High Availability &
                                        Cluster Monitoring, Unix Network Management & Reporting the status of the environment. 

                                        Special Skills & Knowledge

                                        Good Knowledge on Storage and Networking. 
                                        Special skills & knowledge: 
                                        Private Cloud Knowledge and experience. 
                                        Experience on HP Unix. 
                                        Experience on Superdome and HP Matrix
                                        6+ years experience
                                        Specialist Training Analysis
                                            Provide and analyze organizations training needs and assess of the gap between the desired competencies and available skills of the people in the company currently possess and attitudes that they require to meet the company objectives aligned with SABIC strategy of Talent Management.

                                            Carry out training needs analysis to identify the training needs of all IBN SINA employees and develop a ROI tool to measure the training effectiveness and brighten practices.

                                            Create and implement an Annual Training Plan by working closely with departmental managers to identify training needs and training solutions within departments and utilize SABIC curriculum for IDP.

                                            Supporting and managing the design and delivery of training programs to address specific training requirements
                                            of IBN SINA employees.

                                            Analyze and map accordingly the essential priorities for training and development, using meetings, staff surveys, data collections, quality cycle information and trials, simplified into action plans and reporting tools, to meet curriculum and business planning KPIs and positive transformations.

                                            Develop a training strategy for the company around training and development to provide consistency of service quality, progress, enhance employees skills/knowledge, and promote organizational growth.

                                            Issue a monthly report for Training progression, ROI, and development status for all IBN SINA levels.
                                            10+ years experience
                                            Plant Inspector - Rotating - GAS
                                                Experience as rotating equipment technician.

                                                Experience with utility plant or large scale petrochemical plant.

                                                Conversant with written and spoken English language.

                                                Proper tracking of received and issued recommendation and inspection report.

                                                Experience with oil review and analysis.
                                                Hand experience in thermography and analysis.

                                                Hand experience in machinery overhauling and alignment.

                                                Experience with data collection and vibration analysis for offline and online system. 

                                                Special Skills & Knowledge

                                                Vibration certificate level I or Il

                                                Other Requirements

                                                Excellent planning and organizing skill
                                                3+ years experience
                                                Sr. Training Analyst - SAFCO
                                                    Maintain JQP Progression records of all Grade 6-9 employees.
                                                    monitor competency enrichment for continual.

                                                    Monitor JQP & IDP progress and achieve the business KPI targets.

                                                    Arrange and participate in walkthrough/ EHSS Knowledge tests.

                                                    Assign and assist in using the Training software for JQP employees.

                                                    Facilitate JQP test requests; schedule E-Test, EHSS knowledge test and communicate to concerns.

                                                    Prepare / Develop Technical / ESL Training Calendar based on JQP progression and competency.

                                                    Identify and plan training registration as per the Training calendar and Monitor training attendance and inform progress to concerned Managers.

                                                    Provide SAFCO overview awareness and endorse New Employees, Trainees & COOP/Summer trainees.

                                                    Special Skills & Knowledge

                                                    Good communication and presentation skills. Relevant Process knowledge is more appropriate.
                                                    10+ years experience
                                                    Lifting Plan Specialist
                                                        Responsible for maintaining records and register related to the inspection
                                                        and testing of relief valves and lifting equipment

                                                        Updating the database in the computer to the inspection and testing of
                                                        RVs and lifting equipment.

                                                        Responsible for maintaining the Spare part
                                                        inventory list conduct quarterly inventory and issuance of the report.

                                                        Responsible for the preparation of turn-around containers, maintaining
                                                        Inventory list and checking out the containers after turn-around completion
                                                        For missing tools and issue a report.

                                                        Responsible for scheduling work related to the inspecting/testing Of relief
                                                        valve and lifting equipment.

                                                        Coordinates With Field Maintenance and inspection personnel to develop and
                                                        update inspection and testing schedules.

                                                        Facilitate meetings with Field Maintenance and inspection to resolve resource issues, schedule conflicts, and
                                                        to meet planned ITPM duration goals.

                                                        Responsible for developing reviewing and finalizing Work packages for each
                                                        valve and lifting equipment to be inspected and/or tested in accordance With
                                                        Site procedures LP-0001 Relief Valves inspection/testing and L-S-0005
                                                        Lifting Equipment Inspection/Testing; coordinates with supervision during
                                                        walk downs to identify replacement parts, scaffolding and tagging

                                                        Ensures that all maintenance work and activities affecting quality, safety, health
                                                        and environment are carried out in accordance to the requirements of Yanpet safety, Health & Environment Management System and ISO standards.
                                                        5+ years experience
                                                        TA Planning Engineer
                                                            Collections information on, analyses and plans details of Shutdown/ Turnaround maintenance work to be carried out.

                                                            Analyses and plans shutdown/turnaround individual jobs and compiles overall work schedules.

                                                            Analyses, adjusts plans, and schedules to maximize efficiency and minimize plant downtime.

                                                            Manage/Request material requirements through SAP-PM. 

                                                            Follow-up PR/PO Build turnaround project structures (WBS) in the SAP-PS & monitoring the cost.

                                                            Create turnaround master schedule with manpower & equipment loading and critical path defined.

                                                            Create /Manage TA contractors.

                                                            Special Skills & Knowledge

                                                            Good knowledge in industry plants . Understanding of the best practice in PC skills. 
                                                            Strong problem assessment/analytical skills. Ability to work in an extremely high stress environment, 
                                                            Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

                                                            SAP/ PM/PS T/A Experience

                                                            Other Requirements

                                                            Computer skill : MS office ( Word , Excel) and any other skills . 

                                                            High level of teamwork skill.
                                                            5+ years experience
                                                            T&D Sr. Specialist - Safco
                                                                Purpose of the role: To Study & built a competent Organization with the implementation of the Training and Development strategies, manage and drive the new initiatives, programs and to provide innovative, business-focused solutions to support the employees development of all staff.

                                                                To perform day to day activities for succession planning and talent development.

                                                                Design development curriculum and update learning matrix.

                                                                Update Talent Review records and prepare required documents & presentations.

                                                                Develop learning and awareness material to promote Succession Planning.

                                                                Develop progress report for succession planning.

                                                                Continuously review and maintain update procedures.

                                                                Offer best practice tips and advice groups and individuals to progress on development plans.

                                                                Coach and oversee Line Management and on-going professional development.

                                                                Ensure all training activities are professionally and efficiently conducted & completed.

                                                                Incorporate cultural change Management among Managerial positions. Assess and sustain cultural enhancement.
                                                                Special Skills & Knowledge
                                                                Significant experience in designing and delivering development programs.
                                                                Experience of facilitating Development & administering Centers.
                                                                Experience of driving forward Change in culture and work environment.
                                                                Other Requirements
                                                                Positive, proactive and motivated, thrives on owning new initiatives and delivering creative client-focused, quality 
                                                                solutions / Strong influencing skills across all levels. 
                                                                Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. Confident and engaging presenter.
                                                                10+ years experience
                                                                Material Engineer - Electrical
                                                                    Technical evaluation of quotations for stock items replenishment and provide necessary information to vendors/MNFRs to obtain quotations.
                                                                    Inspection and acceptance / rejection of received stock items in the warehouse.
                                                                    Review / study obsolete, surplus, expired or damaged stock items for write off and follow up for management approval as per MAS.
                                                                    Conduct warehouse audit and follow up for completion of all recommended actions.
                                                                    Provide support to TA group and Maintenance.
                                                                    Review new stock coded requirement, check for duplicate, create new stock codes and then link with entities.
                                                                    Review/initiate request of material MRP type change (VB, PD & obsolete) and order levels for inventory optimization and cost leadership.
                                                                    Special Skills & Knowledge
                                                                    Knowledge of electrical equipment spares, SAP PM/MM module
                                                                    Knowledge of engineering standards, technical evaluation of spares and inspection of spares in the warehouse.
                                                                    Experience in maintenance, planning, inventory & cost control and commissioning of electrical equipment.
                                                                    Maintenance experience n Fertilizer or Petrochemical industries is required. Exhibits a strong and firm approach to sustain
                                                                    Safe work environment through compliance of work permit procedure, SOPs, weekly safety talks and JSA.
                                                                    9+ years experience
                                                                    Recruiter Name:Mr. Bilal

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