Position Title: Public Relations Officer 

    Position Summary: 
    • The Public Relations Officer (PRO) shall serve in a liaison capacity in preparing, submitting, following up, obtaining approval from and with the various government (Ministries of Trade and Commerce, Immigration, Interior, Labor, Medical Commission, Foreign Affairs, Insurance Companies etc)

  • Experience: Minimum 5 Years in Qatar

    Duties and Job responsibilities: 
    • Collect and provide periodical updates from the government authorities on all labor and immigration rules to keep the HR department abreast of the changes in the rules and procedures. 
    • Responsible to co-ordinate with the Operations Manager regarding processing and acquiring of all staff licenses as well as related PR duties. . 
    • Deal with general enquires regarding PRO functions promptly and efficiently to enhance the level of department service 
    • Assist departments in resolving any issues related to company vehicle registration and renewals to ensure that PRO services are provided as and when it is required. 

    • Accurate preparation of documents according to the requirement of the legal authorities.
    • Responsible to register all new and existing vehicles which road road permit has expired.
    • Responsible to take new drivers to driving school and open file. Arrange temporary license to drivers and convert to new license.
    • Renew all the insurance of all vehicles as and when they are due.
    • Pay all traffic violation which customer has paid to Avis. Have to submit weekly report about the traffic violation payment.

    • Build strong and effective relationships with all government entities and personnel in those departments.
    • Use problem solving skills to get around complicated procedures and situations.
    • Prepare all accident related work and to be completed within given time frame. 
    • Responsible to prepare required letters to purchase new vehicles. Release all vehicles from Bank name and when its dues are cleared. Have to release the ownership from bank.
    • Prepare the documents required for the sale vehicles according to the company procedures.
    • Act in a professional and courteous manner at all times.

    • Manage and prioritize the daily activities in order to ensure that the most urgent and important services are delivered first.
    • Accurate document submission for all requests ensuring that time scales and requirements are fully met and delivered on time.
    • Other duties may be assigned accordingly to the company requirements.

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