Quality Control/Quality Assurance Officer (for Electric Wires & Cables Industry)

Company is manufacturing a wide product range which presently covers, single core, flat 2 & 3 core, unarmored and round galvanized steel wire armored LSOH, FRLS, PVC and XLPE insulated wires & cables, AAC and ACSR conductors. Cables up to and including 600/1000V (L. T. CABLES)

Job Responsibilities: 

The candidate is requested to do following jobs/works, but not limited to; and most know about:

1. In-depth knowledge of national & international standards/specification ( IEC, BS, VDE, etc)
2. Contributing in making best quality products.
3. Preparing design sheets, technical data sheets for production/QC and customers tenders.
4. On the spot of decision making for repairs, salvaging, re-work and trouble-shooting.
5. Locating the short-circuit (voltage failure) and open-circuit (continuity failure) points/places.
6. Weight control, scrap control and analysis.
7. Raw materials, in-process and finished products testing.
8. Attending customer complaints.
9. Calibration, validation, re-validation of inspection, measuring and test equipment.
10. Training of staff/workers.
11. Customers agencies final inspections.
12. ISO 9001 quality management systems, procedures, implementation & maintaining.
13. Design & development techniques.
14. Any other related jobs assigned by management.

5+ years experience

Recruiter Name:Mr. Murthy
Email Address:jobs@kamms.net

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