1. Attend all necessary inspections and testings as identified in the approved Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
2. Inspect the production quality to establish if the client requirements are being achieved. 
3. Shall perform a variety of inspection functions under supervision
4. Record and document any and all deviations from the Project Quality Program
5. Update the QEIL system with any and all deviations from the Project Quality Program 
6. Coordinate with the client representatives to ensure that inspections are carried out expediently.
7. Generate client Requests For Inspection (RFI) where required providing sufficient notice for Hold, Witness and Inspection points.
8. Performance of Testing processes as required
9. Carry out inspections on Exception Items (EI) as documented in the QEIL and sign off as closed when activity is approved & complete. 
10. Continually carry out surveillance inspections on the project, recording and documenting any and all deviations from the Project Quality Program 
11. Review the calibration status of any test equipment being utilized on the project ensuring the equipment is within calibration prior to use.
12. Provide support to the construction personnel in relation to the Project Quality Program
13. Perform ongoing material receival inspections (MRI) to confirm Material Requisitions (MR), Purchase Orders (P.O) & delivered to site (MRR) Material Receival Report has been completed in accordance with the contract Technical & Specification requirements, and associated approvals within PaMMs
14. Maintain willingness to learn and support the Inspector providing the on the job training
15. Comply with all Project SSHE requirements i.e. PPE, work Permits etc.
16. Promote the use SSHE practices 


Overall 6 years of experience 

Project QC Inspectors shall have a Trade background, with experience from the following sector(s) e.g. oil, gas and petrochemical projects, Infrastructure, communication, etc. & may be subject to both Client requirements and the above criteria. 

QC Inspector (e.g 4 years Trade, plus 2 years post trade inspection experience within contract scope of works Total 6 years experience)

Discipline & Qualification: 

Plumbing: Inspector shall have a thorough knowledge of codes such as the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), IPC, ASME 31.9, NFPA 13, 14, 20, 99, IBC, UFC and/or equivalent standards.

Recruiter Name:Fatima Javed
Email Address:asaraswat@lutechresources.com

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