• Job title          : Account Manager Sales & BD
      Reports to       : Regional Manager Sales
      Job Location   : Abu Dhabi

    Summary : 
    Manages the sales opportunities for all Frames Business Units from Dubai International office IO (FME) ,for full products portfolio. This includes the discovery of these, identification of involved parties and following up on them. Close client contact and setting of sales strategy in order to become succesfull is a key responsibility. 

    Responsibilities : 
    • Managing current opportunities and setting successful sales strategy
    • Ensuring adequate market volume relevant to future sales.
    • Key projects must be generated through pre-qualification, proactive and effective contact management with potential clients
    • Developing and managing key client accounts
    • Ensuring an adequate knowledge level is maintained in the field of expertise.
    • Developing knowledge and skills to be able to address current and future project and market demands
    • Evaluating and finding new clients and business opportunities
    • The launching and follow up of quotations
    • Maintaining contacts with our clients in the region.
    • If necessary, advise clients on technical matters
    • Support the office in the Netherlands in expanding the supply chain on existing products
    • Determining & setting correct sales strategy
    • Ensuring relevant contacts are established with key stakeholders
    • Gathering crucial information from all stakeholders
    • Perform competitor analysis in establishing strategy
      Setting and aligning external strategy with internal stakeholders (engineering, projects, proposal group, etc)
    • Managing market volume (funnel) of the specific segment or accounts for which the sales manager is responsible
    • Actively search for opportunities through client visits, 
    • Actively engage with the Frames international offices to pro-actively discuss market volume and opportunities
    • Establish and maintain relationships with key clients
    • Determine and map key clients in line with IO(International office) business plan
    • Identify and establish DMUs in key clients
    • Maintain regular communication with relevant key personnel within key clients

    Reporting & communication :
    • Ensure that the CRM system is up-to-date; delegate work as necessary
    • Monitoring Frames-wide opportunities, periodically discuss ongoing and future opportunities with the sales team and the SBU (sales & funnel meetings)
    Competencies / Soft Skills : 
    • Cooperation (Teamwork) : Contributing to a collective result by optimizing the balance between ones own qualities and interest and those of the group/other parties
    • Result orientation : Staying focused on achieving a goal, despite of problems, drawbacks, resistance or distractions
    • Decisiveness : Daring to make decisions or take action, even if you dont have complete sight of the ultimate consequences of each alternative or if there are strongly conflicting interests.
    • Guts : Having the confidence to take calculated risks in order to achieve a particular long term identifiable benefit.
    • Organization Sensitivity : Demonstrating awareness of the influence and effect decisions and behaviors of people in an organization can have.
    • Perseverance : Being able to engage oneself with a particular task intensively for a longer period of time, even if experiencing adversity. Persisting with a plan until the desired goal is met.
    • Stress Resistance : Keeping up effective performance under pressures caused by time, multiple or difficult tasks, social situations, setbacks, disappointment, resistance or crises.
    • Vision : Developing and propagating an inspiring picture for the future of the organization /department / products / services, whilst taking a step back from the daily routine.

    • Tasks & responsibilities with regard to HSE
    • Taking training courses
    • Using protections
    • Cooperating on safety improvement
    • Reporting alarming danger and accidents

      Authorities with regard to HSE 
    • Entitled to stop working in case of an acute serious safety threat and notify directly the manager.

      Education & experience 
      Bachelor's or Master's degree in Engineering with 5-10 years of relevant work experience. 

  • Recruiter Name:Mr. Pradeep
    Email Address:jobs.india@frames-group.com

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