Designation : Sales Coordinator 

    Experience : 2+ Year

    Qualification :

    Job Description :

    • Must have 2 to 3 years Sales coordinator/ Secretarial/ Administrative experience with an Accounting background.
    • Sales coordinators are responsible for organizing customer service specialists and customers. Depending on the environment you work in, which can range from Internet sales to catering and everything in between, the duties of a sales coordinator will vary.
    • Providing customer service in addition to sales support is an important part of this career. There are times when you will have direct contact with your company's clients and customers, whether it's regarding a product or order inquiry or a billing issue.
    • Administrative duties will also vary, but will generally consist of creating reports and other documents pertaining to your company's sales and customers. This will include doing follow-up work and maintaining records

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    Binkal Prajapati

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