The candidate should have in depth level knowledge of the below enterprise technologies and aptitude


    Storage - EMC (VMAX) / IBM (XIV) Enterprise Storage

    Servers - Lenovo Pure Flex and X-Series

    Backup - IBM Tivoli

    Monitoring - HPOV

    Email - Office 365

    Patching - IBM Endpoint Management (Bigfix)

    Functional Responsibilities

    * Assist in Planning and Designing of the Servers, Storage, Windows, Microsoft Office 365, Virtualization (VMware/Hyper-V) and Datacenter requirements as per the business plan and technology, and ensure that servers and Data Centers are properly monitored and administered by the team.

    * Oversee the installation/configuration of Servers, Storage, Windows, Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring and Capacity Planning as per the IT Polices/ Standards and provide guidance to the users on its features and usage in order to ensure its proper use and improvement in performance. 

    * Identify improvement opportunities within existing systems, research and recommend new products /services and technologies to improve system performance. Undertake Product evaluation & pilots where ever necessary and ensure of knowledge on implemented solutions.

    * Manage projects related to Servers, Storage, Windows, Backup and Monitoring.

    * Disaster readiness is maintained as agreed and ensures regular DR exercise is done

    * Ensure change management and agreed policy/processes are followed as per requirements.

    * Attend to escalated issues and determine appropriate action(s) for resolutions. Provide report where ever applicable to management regarding problems, capacity etc.

    * Manage IT assets related to datacenter, storage and servers and ensure they are properly documented and accurate inventory is maintained.

    * Assist with Design/operation of Datacenter and related equipment e.g. CCU, UPS, EMS, racks etc.

    * Manage data backups and restore for Wintel as agreed with the business.

    * Assist in providing Wintel administrative and management tasks including Active Directory, Exchange, Group Policy, DNS, DHCP, Patch Management, and Monitoring Etc.

    * Test and Deploy Windows/AIX updates and latest levels are maintained with the latest Security / OS Patch's level and are secured against unauthorized access. Ensure that all housekeeping tasks are done.

    * Ensure all Servers and Storage are up to date with recommended Firmware/Software updates

    Education : BE / BTech/ MCA 
    Experience: 12+ Years

    Job location : Dubai 

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