SABCO Media is a unique cross platform of media channels in Radio, Outdoor and Publishing, with aggressive growth initiatives to ensure we offer strategic and cost effective media choices to all our partners. Our portfolio of products today includes Al Wisal FM, Merge FM, Outdoor Media, Y, Koooora Wa Bas, and Mediate.
SABCO Media is growing.
Enjoy generous compensation, strong benefits, and the excitement that comes with achieving professional success. If you are looking for a career move with no ceiling above you and lots of support around you, then look no further.

    Assists the Engineering department by maintaining FM transmitters (expert knowledge) and support infrastructures including Diesel Generators, UPS, AC (basic knowledge)etc; 

    * Installs, tests, and performs preventive or corrective equipment maintenance; 

    * Troubleshoots and repairs broadcast equipment to component level, if necessary;

    * Completes repairs and adjustment of equipment in accordance with FCC industry standard; 

    * Participates in the Engineering Operations on-call rotation.

    * Responds to inquiries from station personnel concerning technical operational problems; 

    * Implements remedial actions and emergency repairs; and 

    * Follows-up as necessary to assure repairs are complete.

    Broadcast Software Support

    * Assists in the configuration, maintenance, and repairs to the networks automation and 

    * Provides support to station operation personnel in their use of the automation system and standards ensuring equipment meets technical requirements; and or AoIP digital audio systems; digital audio editing systems;

    * Maintains and supports all ONAIR RCS computer systems including installing software, specific updates and completing related trouble-shooting;

    Equipment Planning

    * Participates in the preparation of recommendations relating to equipment utilization, 

    * Assists in research and evaluation of new or replacement equipment and parts; and 

    * Serves in liaison capacity with broadcast equipment manufacturers, engineers, and sales purchases, and operational practices; representatives.


    * Review daily logs to ensure TRA compliance; 

    * Provides technical support for networks Live Outdoor Broadcast efforts 

    * Performs other engineering duties as directed by the Manager.
      TCP/IP networking and IP-based digital audio systems, T1, E1, ISDN and phone or data system connections
      Signal processing, measurement equipment, and experience in radio station recording, storage, and playback on analog and digital equipment systems;
      Knowledge of RF, AM and FM directional and non-directional transmission systems; Ability to read and understand system drawings, signal flows, and schematics;
      Drive car / Light Motor Vehicle in GCC.
      4+ years experience


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