Designation:- Unix Administrator

    Salary range : 10,000 to 13,000 (Officer grade)

    Years of Experience - 5 to 6 years Unix and storage administration experience. 
    Candidates should be from Banking industry

    Desk Assigned: System and Storage Administrator
    Department: IT
    Reports To: Manager IT Infrastructure

    Job Description 
    System Access Requirement Administration level access to all systems which need to be managed and maintained.

    Job Purpose: - To ensure that all responsibilities mentioned in your Job Description are carried out efficiently so as to minimize any down time for any of the Banks equipment / systems. 

    To keep updated and conversant with the latest solutions to enable you to complete your work satisfactorily

    System Administration
    a. Commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of Unix / Linux systems as per Banks policy
    b. Procurement assistance of Unix/ Linux systems and their parts. Participate in Banks RFI discussions and vendor evaluations.
    c. Inventory maintenance of the systems, respective licenses and consumables as per Banks policy
    d. Level 1 troubleshooting and vendor co-ordination as required.
    e. Creation and deletion of users as per approved request.
    f. Incident management and reporting
    g. Configure and maintain the high availability options of all the critical servers.
    h. Hardening and security monitoring of Unix / Linux environments.
    i. Maintenance of user profiles and rights along with a proper user database.
    j. Design, Implement and maintenance of the user and group security in the servers
    k. Plan and Create file systems and directories as per the application / user need.
    l. Monitoring of systems as per the laid down procedures.
    m. Periodic removal of unwanted files and trimming of large log files.
    n. Periodic checking of file systems for inconsistencies and rectify the problems
    o. Troubleshoot the Local file system problems and rectify it.
    p. Design and maintain password rules for the organization as per standard practices and organization requirement. 
    q. Need to be up to date with the industry security best practices.
    r. Documentation of the process related to the domain in line with Banks ISMS policies 
    s. Design, Implement and maintenance of the file system security.
    t. Monitoring and maintenance of user and system log files, cron jobs and services in the systems
    u. Train junior resources.

    UNIX printer administration
    1 Creation and maintenance of printers in UNIX environment.
    2 Troubleshoot the printing problems and rectify it.

    UNIX network administration
    1 Link the Unix systems to the other networks as and when needed
    2 Secure the systems from unauthenticated access
    3 Implement and maintain the file transfer methods between UNIX and desktops as per requirement
    4 Maintain an up to date routing table.
    5 Maintain the SAN switches. 
    6 Troubleshoot network problems related to servers along with network administrators

    UNIX software management & Patch administration
    1 Installation and maintenance of UNIX operating system, trouble shoot and rectification.
    2 Update the Operating systems and patches released by the vendor as per the requirement of application vendor as well as Banks policies.
    3 Install the application software in the UNIX systems as per the requirement of the organization.

    Backup & Crisis management
    1 Maintain the approved backup policy and procedures.
    2 Schedule and maintain backups as per the backup policy and procedures and ensure that backups are successful.
    3 Verify backup media periodically to ensure that organizations data is safe.
    4 Help the database administrators and users by restoring the data as and when they need it.
    5 Prepare fail over method to use in case of a crisis like hardware failure of the production systems, network or s/w failure etc. after consulting with the database administrator, Network team and the management.
    6 Maintain RTO and RPO of DR servers as per the policy of the organization.
    7 Actively participate and contribute in banks DR Drill activities
    8 Coordinate with other IT team members and troubleshoot in case of disasters / crisis
    9 Coordinate with vendors in case of any support requirements.
    10 Should be available on call 24 x7 and should be able to attend to work as the situation demands.
    11 Should be in a position to take up additional responsibilities as and when required by the bank and advised by the reporting authorities.

    System and Performance Monitoring
    1 Monitor the performance of the servers regularly.
    2 Find out the reason for the system performance bottleneck if any, by analyzing the data collected. 
    3 Recommend the required changes in the hardware / Operating system configuration for better performance and to avoid bottlenecks.
    4 Fine-tune the system kernel parameters as per the system and as per the application software requirements.
    5 Regularly monitor the system log files and act as per the requirement
    6 Capacity planning.

    Shell scripting and Others
    1 Prepare the shell scripts to help the operators to do their routine jobs
    2 Prepare the shell scripts as per the requirement to help the new projects 
    3 Customize the user menus as per the requirement

    Finacle Core Banking 
    1 Configuration Editor related changes to services.

    Application management / Maintenance
    1 Creation of business application environments as per banks requirement.
    2 Execution of CRs
    3 Application patch management and coordination with business support / vendor for problem resolution.
    4 Managing application processes in UNIX environment.
    5 Troubleshooting of business application process related issues.
    6 Tuning of application processes to ensure optimum performance in coordination with business support / vendor.
    7 Generation of required application traces for user issues and process related issues in UNIX.
    8 Restoration of application / logs / database based on the requirement of testers / developers / vendors.
    9 Keeping the application in sync between production and DR servers
    0 Helping DBAs / developers / testers in day to day issues.
    11 Deployment of application patches in test servers and coordinate with business support team.

    SAN management
    1 Administration and maintenance of all the storage devices in PR & DR and respective SAN switches.
    2 Creation / modification/ deletion of disk groups / physical volumes as per the requirement.
    3 Proper presentation of the disks and disk groups to the servers.
    4 Creation and management of fiber channel zones to ensure optimum performance 
    5 Analyzing the event logs of storage system and ensure that it is working fine.
    6 Monitor the usage and recommend necessary upgrades
    7 Vendor coordination to resolve the issues

    TSM Management
    1 Install and maintain TSM server and TSM clients.
    2 Manage and maintain IBM tape library.
    3 Create / modify / delete backup schemes and backup pools as per the backup requirements.
    4 Device mapping and management.
    5 Media management.
    6 Coordination with vendors.
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