Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)

    Ensure that workshop employees follow all safety requirements and standards.
    Plan, assigns and review the work of all technicians in the workshop and others assigned to the workshop whether internal or external sub-contractors.
    Assist workshop, technical and project management staff to troubleshoot and identify problems on rotating equipment by determining the root cause problem.
    Supervise workshop employees to produce comprehensive inspection information, checklists, drawings and reports to assure proper usage and maintenance of the machines by project departments. 
    Manage effective systems to control time, cost and quality objectives of each repair work within the workshop.
    Effectively allocate workshop resources to repair activity to optimise resources on each work.
    Identify and raise warnings for when time, cost and quality objectives are at risk
    Mitigate non productive time, through allocation of workshop resources onto other activity, including Field Service activity, training and pre-project preparation
    Ensure that workshop employees follow the Quality Management System.
    Support the development and training of workshop employees to ensure all skills requirements are in place and employees are retained
    Support the implementation and management of back up plans to eliminate risk to time, cost and quality objectives
    Follow all orders required by line manager
    Ensure that all workshop tooling, equipment and machinery is fit for purpose, safe and available for workshop activity
    manage and develop training for new employees, new tool/equipment, new implemented technology and etc
    build good contacts with suppliers of tools, equipment and machineries. 
    identifying and developing best options for site work activities and requirements. 
    manage and follow up on routine and special maintenance requests. 
    comply and work according to each manufacturer standards and specifications.
    supervise, maintain and develop company maintenance system. 
    coordinate and support projects team for any related issues. 
    prepare required reports and documents
      Bachelor degree in Engineering, preferably mechanical engineering 
      Supervisory management experience 
      Qualified knowledge of OEM procedures and equipment
      Experience with schedule and cost management tracking systems
      Knowledge of Quality Management Systems
      Ability to understand OEM service instructions and bulletins
      Ability to read PNIDs, check sheets and schematics.
      Experience of engineering machining activity, including milling machines, centre lathes, grinding, drilling machines, tool and die making
      Expansive knowledge of all types of measuring tools (e.g. micrometers, calipers, etc.).
      Requires technical aptitude and comprehensive knowledge of rotating equipment, hand tools, and engineering math.
      Ability to work independently from sketches, drawings, or worksheets.
      Excellent knowledge of computer based tools including Microsoft Office and Project is required.
      Employment Contract for 2 years / Company payroll runs on a Monthly basic / Housing: provided by the company / Paid vacation " 30 Days per contract " / Health insurance / Fly Ticket per contract / Transportation / Communication
Site Supervisor (Civil)
    Allocating equipment, machineries and workers as per daily work program
    Provide continuous reporting of the work progress
    Set work schedule for foremans and labour teams
    Informing site engineer for any emergency needs
    Following up the movement of equipment and workers in the site and preparing activity reports
    Reporting to the workshop about any equipment that needs maintenance
    Responsible for all materials received and used on sites, in order to minimize
    wastage and inefficiency.
    Motivating workers to increase their productivity and meet work goals.
    Ensures that the foremen, lead men understand and implement the work plan, by explaining and engaging in proactive communication with the crews
    Carry out troubleshooting and repair work
    Providing training to workers if necessary
    Keeping necessary records and inventories
    Full site incharge (Excavation Cable pulling Compaction Backfilling Foundations-etc)
    coordination and provide assistance with laboratory work.
    Responsible of transportation of site labors from and to the site
    Monitor and control any tools, machineries and equipments at site.
    Provide reports and documentation related to the task
    performs other related duties as may be required by the line manager
      Diploma certificate in civil or electrical engineering
      Must be fluent and literate in the English and arabic language.
      Must be able to understand and interpret engineering and technical terms 
      Must be able to read and understand construction drawings
      Must have a valid driving license.
      Must be good in computer applications (MS Office).
      Experience in Road or Bridges or any similar infrastructure projects
      Confident and self motivated
      Troubleshooting skills
      Able to work under tight schedule
      Leadership skills
      5+ years experience
    Employment Contract for 2 years / Company payroll runs on a Monthly basic / Housing: provided by the company / Paid vacation " 30 Days per contract " / Health insurance / Fly Ticket per contract / Transportation / Communication
      Civil Site Engineer (Transmission Lines)
          Implementing the approved design work .
          Managing all civil site activities
          plan for the execution of all electrical site activities with consideration of project schedule and deadlines.
          analyze all possible construction methodologies and recommends the best options for all related site activities.
          Monitoring and ensuring all civil site works comply with contract document and clients specification
          provide assistant in permit issues as required
          Solving problems and providing technical advice.
          Estimate, plan and arrange all civil material requirement and availability according to the project schedule and site requirement
          Organizing project work by scheduling the activities of the concerned subsection
          Supervising and monitoring the sites labor force
          identify and locate existing utilities and take proper safety actions, in case of any excavation,
          Site surveying, estimating the manpower requirements. and scheduling items.
          Follow tasks assigned by managers and required for meeting the work scope .
          Ensuring that the excavation for trench/foundation is according to the approved specification and design.
          Coordinating with the Electrical site engineer in case of underground cable laying to ensure all rocks and other rough materials are removed before and after cable
          Supervising laying of pipes and dealing with Electrical Site Engineer
          Managing and supervising all backfilling activities from sand up to Asphalt layers of trench according to the approved specifications
          Managing and organizing all civil site inspections and tests with required parties & preparing all related documents reports
          provide all related reports & documents and submit them to required parties
          Coordinating with required parties in order to finalize design, route markup and the asbuilt drawings / documents.
          Stick to company's code of conduct.
          Commitment to company's project management standards or international standards (PMI).
          Ensuring equipment and procedures comply with safety regulations .
          Commitment to company's policies & procedures .
          performs other related duties as may be required by the line manager
          collaborate with all project team to make sure budget, schedule and project requirements are met.
            A Bachelors degree in civil engineering
            Excellent command of English (reading, writing and oral communication)
            Computer literate, MS Office, MS project
            2 - 6 years experience in similar utilities/infrastructure projects
            Good time management skills
            Possess a valid driving license
            Excellent team work
            Strong analytical skills
            Problem solving
            Strong leadership skills
            The ability to work with a multinational team.
            Employment Contract for 2 years / Company payroll runs on a Monthly basic / Housing: provided by the company / Paid vacation " 30 Days per contract " / Health insurance / Fly Ticket per contract / Transportation / Communication
              Site Manager (Transmission Lines)
                  Manage the work progress and completion as per the project plan in terms of quality work, specification, time and cost 
                  manage and organize workforce, resources and facilities to reach the maximum efficiency
                  Agree on the materials plan, sign for request and receive of materials 
                  Act as a reference and a trouble shooter for engineers and supervisors 
                  Provide instant and periodic reporting on the progress of work in the site
                  Assign responsibilities of the manpower, set schedule for accomplishment and assure timeframe is met
                  Cooperate with clients for reporting progress and with clients professional staff (such as architects and surveyors).
                  Site surveying, estimating the manpower requirements. and scheduling items.
                  managing and supervising subcontractors and any other contracted staff.
                  meeting and agreeing with subcontractors
                  ensuring safety rules and regulations are met through out site work. 
                  checking and preparing site reports, designs and drawings
                  maintain and control company quality standards. 
                  analyze all possible construction methodologies and recommends best options for all related site activities. 
                  motivating the workforce
                  using full capacity to face and solve any problems or barrier at site. 
                  planning work schedules for the job,and managing the work using project management software or tools
                  preparing the site resources planning, installing temporary offices and taking delivery of materials
                  ensure coordination and support to all project team in order to complete and meet project requirements. 
                  making sure through all execution phase that all legal requirements and regulations are met such as work permissions and etc. 
                  hold periodic meetings with project site team and assure complete understanding of project requirements.
                  Preparing all required reports and documents and submit them to the required party
                  Commitment to company's project management standards or international standards (PMI).
                  Performs other related duties as may be required by the line manager.
                  coordinate and support any party to ease and facilitate site work and progress. 
                    Good communication skills
                    Bachelor degree in engineering civil/electrical
                    minimum 6 years field experience and management skills
                    Problem solving skills
                    Ability to motivate others
                    Teamworking skills
                    communication skills

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