Pre Treatment plant commissioning.
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plant commissioning.
Lube oil flushing of Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and BFP.
BOP commissioning activities includes
Cooling Water system Commissioning.
DMCW system commissioning.
ACW system commissioning.

Gas Turbine commissioning Activities includes
Lube oil, Lift oil and seal oil system commissioning.
H2 Gas charging to Gas Turbine Generator.
Air leak test of Hydrogen cooled Generator.
Gas turbine Generator Lift checks.
CO2 Puff Test.
Turbine Offline Water washing.
Gas line Charging.
HRSG commissioning activities includes 
HP, IP and LP water and steam circuits Hydro Testing.
Alkali Flushing.
Alkali Boil Out.
Steam Blowing.
Boiler Feed Pumps commissioning.

5+ years experience

Start- up, Pre-Commissioning, initial Operations, Com missioni ng, PG Test, Operations till Hand over (including but not limited to Trial Run Operations) , Trouble-shooting during the shift operations etc.

Contract Duration 2 years renewable

Manpower deputation Working Hours:

Shift In Charge [Degree]- 12 Hours duty x 5 Nos. of shift = on monthly basis.

Desk Operators [Diploma] : @ 12 Hours duty x 15 Nos. of shift = on monthly basis.

Salary range & OT rate already given to you in INR only

Furnished sharing basis Acco. / local transport / Food will be provided free of cost

Employee has to give medical fitness certificates on his own cost.

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