Cost Reduction Initiative : To implement Activity Based Cost Management and Periodical reporting on unabsorbed cost and core and Non-core focus of the Organization

    Identifying activities across departments and allocations of manpower time to each activity.
    Allocation of overheads and manpower cost to each activities and evaluate the activity cost
    Identify the noncore focus of the departments across supply chain

    SAP CO Support: Ensure accounting of day to day transaction in SAP for MIS preparation and smooth functioning and development of reports from SAP

    Releasing standard cost estimate for in house production for Chrome, Briquette and Ferro Chrome
    Month Closing (Settlement) process is being done in SAP to ensure to accounting of all expenses to cost object
    Coordination with department people to understand and provide solution for generating correct data from system for management decision making.

    Co-ordination with CTMs of other module to reflect correct data
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