Kitchen Supervisor / Pastry Chef

3+ years experience

Reports To : Kitchen Manager / Executive Chef (Only Male - Must be fluent in English)

Age : Between 28-35

License/Certification: Food handling certificate
1. Set up the mis-en-place in stations for the various meal periods in accordance to performance standard.
2. Prepares food items according to the standard recipes.
3. Prepares, checks and tastes the food before the service.
4. Ensures that all kitchen equipment are properly maintained and there is minimum damage while in use. Ensures that operating standards for the equipment are followed.
5. Maintains high level of cleanness at all times in the kitchen.
6. Stores food items properly in the fridge. Keeps food items and fridge tidy and clean at all time. Checks that the temperature is within the guidelines. Cleans and arranges the working area before leaving.
7. Collects, checks quality and quantity of requisitions from the Commissary / kitchen as directed.

8. Understands and adheres to the company's policy relating to fire, hygiene and safety.
9. Displays courtesy and professionalism at all times.
10. Minimizes wastage of all food items.
11. Breakdown mis-en-places station at the end of meal periods and store the food away properly
12. To assist in minimizing order and keeping the stock at a minimum level.
13. Familiarizes with all sections of the kitchen and ensures employees are flexible enough to cover all areas of the kitchen.

14. Briefs the incoming shift.
15. Maintain good working relationship with colleagues and all other departments.
16. Trains, Evaluate and Monitors the work of food and pastry production staff.
17. Schedules and coordinates the work of kitchen staff to ensure that food preparation is economical and technically correct.
18. Involve in suggesting, and interacting, solving problems and in general creating a very friendly, but professional atmosphere.

Counter Servers / Cashier

1+ year experience

Reports To : Store Manager /Operations Manager (Only Male - Must be fluent in English)

Age : Between 22-28

1. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment; use equipment and tools only as intended, properly and safely.
2. Maintain and strictly abide by sanitation/health regulations as per company. requirements.
3. Meet with the Store Manager/Operations Manager to review assignments, anticipated business levels, changes and other information pertinent to the job performance.

4. Complete Opening/Closing Duties:
a. Maintains high standards of providing excellent customer service and anticipating customer needs.
b. Inspect the cleanliness and working conditions of all tools, equipment and supplies.
c. Check production schedule and inventory stock par.
d. Establish priority items for the day.
e. Inform the Pastry Chef / Purchasing/Receiving Controller of any supplies that need to be requisitioned.
f. Maintaining phone etiquette standards when communicating with clients, order taking, answering inquires, etc.
g. Upselling products, promotions to customers

h. Time Management: Able to multi-task in production/operation needs and able to complete tasks within 9 hours of duty.
i. Maintain periodic sales reports and spreadsheets
j. Assist in stocking shelves, rotating merchandise and marking prices
k. Ensure management of daily cash accounts & maintain daily transaction reports
l. Ensure maintenance of entire operation
m. Resolve customer complaints in a proactive manner, report to management.

n. Train other staff members to work as cashier
p. Maintain knowledge of store inventory and sales activities
q. Keep the work & service area tidy and clean, consistency in detailed upkeep of display cases, food/non-food items, tables, chairs, shelves, etc.

5. Prepare all customer orders/packaging following yield guides, according to departmental standards.
6. Inform the Pastry Chef / Operations Manager of any foreseeable shortages before items run out.
7. Inform the Food & Beverage service staff of 86’d item (out of stock) and the amount of available menu specials throughout the service operations period.
8. Maintain proper storage procedures as specified by local Saudi Food inspection regulations and company requirements.
9. Minimize waste and maintain controls to attain forecasted food cost.

Interested candidate please provide below documents:

Updated CV with Current & Expected Salary + Clear Color Passport Copy + Experience & Education Certificates + White background Photo to :

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