05 years of continuous Shutdown related experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical & Fertilizer preferable.

    Experienced in maintaining all types for rotating machines such as pumps, compressors and steam turbines. Experienced in overhauling rotating machines and valves. 
    Diagnose, analyze and repair rotating equipment faults and operating irregularities
    Working under the supervision Maintenance Supervisor, duties and responsibilities include:
    Conduct predictive and preventive maintenance on the plant rotating equipment
    Overhauling rotating machines
    Prepares new or altered installations on all types of mechanical equipment including foundation work, line-up, gearbox, coupling and speed control settings, then test runs for acceptance.
    Sets, adjusts and performs maintenance on machine tool equipment and balancing machines.
    Troubleshoots and repairs all kinds of hydraulic, electric (mechanical side), and pneumatic valve actuators
    Maintenance and Construction of Rotary & Static Equipment such as Compressors, Centrifugal Pump, Rotary Gear Pump, Plunger Pump, Blower, Motor, Fan Condenser, Gear Box, Heat Exchanger, Vessels, Agitators, All type of Valves, Hydro Testing, Replacement of Bearing, Mechanical Seal, Sleeve Replacement, Gasket Changing etc. I have also done Alignment and Leveling by Rim & Face Method & Reverse Graphical Method.
    Construction of Rotary & Static equipment like Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Gear Box, Vessels, Tank, Exchanger, Leveling, Alignment and Final Alignment. Also know to Check Verticality & Elevation of Static equipment
    Thrust Bearing Clearance, Journal Bearing Clearance, Governor Valve Servicing & Overhauling, Impeller Blade Inspection and Replacement, Lube Oil Quality
    Compressor Suction and Discharge Valve Servicing, Take All Clearance like Piston, Liner, Oil Ring, Piston Ring, Cross Head Oil Wiper, Rod Packing, Wear Band and Pumping etc.
    Alignment Checking, Impeller Clearance Checking, Bearing Clearance Checking, Bearing Interference Checking, Run Out of Pinion Shaft (Low Speed/High Speed), Backless of Pinion and Bull Gear, Labyrinth Seal Clearance Checking (Both Air Seal and Oil Seal), Bull Gear Thrust Checking, Low Speed/High Speed Pinion Thrust Checking, Impeller Eye Labyrinth Clearance Checking
    Bearing Replacement, Mechanical Seal Replacement, Impeller & Casing Wearing Clearance Checking, Shaft Run Out Checking, Mechanical Sleeve Inspection & Replacement
    Inspection of Bearing, Replacement of Bearing, Friction & Anti-Friction Type
    Single and Double Mechanical Seal, Cartridge and None Cartridge Type Seal, Multi Spring and Single Coil Spring Type Seal
    Working with team members in day to day maintenance activities Adhere to all safety requirements of the department.
    Recruiter Name:Miss Jill Soni
    Email Address:jill.soni@imsoneworld.com

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