Gulf's largest CBSE and Entrance Coaching group, is looking to hire an Operations Manager to handle overall responsibility of 10 branches and all students and staff members. 

    The said candidate should be able to recruit teachers and staff members, should fully understand the day-to-day runnings of a coaching centres, should be able to work as Executive Assistant (EA) to the CEO on daily basis, should be able to build terrific relationships with all teachers and admin staff, should know how to handle tough/demanding situations and conversations, should be a superb multi-tasker, should be able to add value to overall business development and should have broad domain expertise in academics for IITJEE/CBSE/PMT. 

    Must have at least 3-5 years of experience and must be available to join within 21 days.
      Selected Candidate:
      • Must be highly proficient in English
      • Must be a male candidate below 35 years of age
      • Must have relevant experience
      • Must have high work ethic and commitment towards work
      • Must be highly energetic and in great health
      • Should be able to multi task a lot of jobs
      • Must be able to build good rapport with all employees
      • Should be ready to move to UAE for at least two years period without family 

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