Grow More Seeds and Chemicals is a seed Company which was registered and incorporated in Uganda in 2008 and registered active member of Uganda Seed Trade Association. Within the period of its establishment GMS has diversified its operations to include irrigation, grain and pulse marketing and has supplied the national and international markets for both seed and relief food. The main objective for which GMS was established and registered in Uganda is to offer professional services in research, production, importation, distribution and sales of quality vegetable and field crop seeds, relief food, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, agriculture tools and irrigation equipment. GMS set out to reach as many local farmers in rural communities all over Uganda in terms of institutional support with certified seed with hope of multiplying and in return provide GMS with quality certified seed, grains, oil seeds and pulses to meet the company business needs. The company has seed/grain processing units of 21,000MT per year and a rice mill of 4,000mt capacity and this also includes a warehouse with a capacity of 4,000mt and owns seed production farms of 460 acres. GMS is under the management of professional and skilled staffing who include Agronomists, Crop Scientists, and Irrigation Engineers, Business Managers, Finance managers and Social Scientists. In addition, GMS has established itself as leader in Uganda and a cross borders and has supplied agricultural produce and inputs to International aid agencies, development organization and farmers in Uganda, Southern Sudan, DRC, Rwanda and Asia
Grow More Seed and Chemicals Limited aims to be number one company in this sector in Uganda and the region
Grow More Seed and Chemicals Limited wishes to achieve sustainable agricultural growth in the region by empowering the farmers by providing quality seeds and other agric inputs to improve their productivity.

  • Supervise all company departments
  • Create and maintain business and technical linkages at international and national level
  • Create opportunities for the growth of the company
  • Secure funding for research in product development
  • Provide overall guidance to the company
  • Supervise and maintain grants extended to the company
  • Create strategic partnerships with development and business partners.
  • Create forums for marketing of the company products
  • Advise management on strategic human resources
  • Manage relations with the relevant ministries
  • Work with other industry players to promote the business interests of the sector.
  • Provide Technical advice to the company directors on trends in the Industry.
    The candidate should have a minimum of a Masters Degree in Agribusiness with proven training in seed sector. He/ She possess additional training in management
    5+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Beena Sarkar Arun

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