Be in charge of Production and Maintenance. Supervise the shop floors to ensure achievement of high labour, material & energy productivity to continuously meet and improve Production and Quality targets. 
    Develop, Implement and Supervise all QA Functions and Systems. As and when necessary you shall carry out tests in QC Labs/Inspections as required. 
    Part of our Core-Management-Team, shouldering overall Responsibility to meet commitments to customers and to achieve profits targets.
    Carry out Planned/Normal/ Remedial Maintenance and will implement planned preventive Maintenance System. 
    Responsible for all local and export related technical matters, design inputs , tender, and any other documentation/drawing work/explanations required by the company/statutory authorities etc. 
    Ensure execution of QA/QMS practices and will play a key role in obtaining and maintaining ISO 9001, SS, AM, SPC, VSM and all other certifications which the management decides to implement at any point of time. 
    Carry out necessary tasks as and when deputed for the work related with other Group companies. No separate allowance or remuneration will be paid to you for this work.
    Carry out all assignments/ tasks/roles, assigned to you for development and maximization of R&D, Testing, Training, Installations, After Sales Service, QMS, Production Planning and Sales/ Marketing in ASEAN and other countries in the Far East or any other territory/country allocated to you by the employer. 

    This is a multi-functional role and in general. Therefore candidate will attend to any responsibility, which the employer/ designated- reporting-authority finds suitable for your background of experience and capabilities.
      The Candidate must have good knowledge of Injection Moulding Machines and should have good exposure to maintenance of these machines.
      Currently working as a manager with a workforce of not less than 50 workers.
      Moulding Background Experience in Silicon / Rubber Processing would be an added advantage.
      5+ years experience
      Recruiter Name:Beena Sarkar Arun

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