Sintec Optronics is a supplier of laser components and machine systems, with large presence in China, India and South-East Asia. Established in 2000 in Singapore, we are a leading provider for laser solutions. Please visit to know more about our company.
Why Join Us?
Knowledge in laser physics/electrical engineering/computer controls will be extremely helpful. Candidates need to learn and retain functionalities of laser components & machine systems which will require technical competency. Problem solving will be technically challenging, so the candidate's logical thinking, innovation and resolve will be constantly tested on the job. Many opportunities for expanded responsibilities and career path.
    Duties and responsibilities 
    • Sales activities such as tele-marketing, bidding for tenders, sales tracking, sales follow up
    • Customer relations like regular visit to University / Institute / Industrial customers
    • Keep up-to-date of industry trends through market research and analysis
    • Solve technical problems and deal with customer satisfaction

  • Required Skills & Experience 
    • Bachelors degree or higher (laser or photonics background is a plus)
    • Technical knowledge in laser and optics and electrical technician skills.
    • Good command of English; Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
    • Must have sales experience and know customer relations in India
    • Willing to travel overseas (mainly to India) when required
    • Good command of Hindi, especially in technical details, to communicate with Indian customers is a plus
    • Technical experience in installation, service of laser components, laser machines in India is a plus.

  • Job location 
    1. Singapore (Target customers: India) 

    Posting to Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi
    Email Address: /

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