HVAC Sales Engineer

    Personal Skills:
    Ability to plan, organize and follow-up of sales operations and sales staff.
    Ability to lead and motivate sales staff.
    Ability to prepare periodic and annual reports.

    Knowledge and Tasks 

    Planning activities include participation in setting targets, drawing sales policies such as within the company products for policies and prices, distribution and promotion and communication with their target markets.
    Organize sales activities, which include the organization of the sales efforts through the development of an efficient and well organizational structure on account of the salesmen representing the strongest link between the company and its customers.
    Implement the sales activities that have been identified in the sales activities.
    Overseeing the salesmen efforts and direct them properly.
    Coordinate the sales activities with the other departments such as marketing and procurement, warehousing, production and financial departments.
    monitoring and evaluation the sales activities, that include sales areas, determine salesmen paths, and identify sales quotas and receive reports from the selling activity and evaluate the findings and take appropriate corrective action for the advancement of the level of performance.

    Participate in the selection and hiring salesmen in terms of work analyzing and describing, identifying the required qualifications and their source.
    Determine the salesmen training needs and the type of training required for each.
    Motivate salesmen to identify the different stimulation methods and constantly look for rewards that stimulate sales efforts with the salesmen through the development of an effective compensation system.
    Evaluate the salesmen efforts in terms of determining effective evaluation methods and objectivity to reach a reasoned judgment on the salesmen performance.
    Submit periodic reports on sales to senior management. Preparation of daily, weekly ,monthly and annual sales reports that illustrate each salesman and each area.
    HVAC Sales Manager
        Personal Skills:
        Discipline appointments
        Focus and logical thinking
        Moderate figure
        Understands the nature of the job and always smiling face to customers
        Good listening and understanding and perception and attitudes consciously focus
        Good appearance and good looking 

        Knowledge and Tasks 

        The scope of the company's work full knowledge and all kinds of materials 
        Full definition of the competitors in the same field
        Market study and knowledge of its size
        full knowledge about the policies and objectives , trends of the company 
        Full knowledge about the discount policies and policies of the credit granted by the company to customers
        full knowledge about the company's customers and find out the size of each client and the size of their dealings.
        Distributing the sales team for covering all areas.
        Identify the objective to be achieved for the company and increased rates of each period
        Targeting existing customers and maximize the number of their sales.

        Doing the daily sales work reports about the sales visits and discuss the results of visits.
        Open new markets and add them to the current market
        Expand existing customer database and increase their number.
        Create a market for each product separately and to maximize the number of sales.
        Create database of prospective clients and targeting the base setting.
        Preparation comparisons between our materials and competitors materials in terms of quality, price and duration of supply and make the necessary proposals for senior management to increase and expand the number of sales

        Target each item separately and follow-up and monitoring of sales and movement fighting to achieve its target and ensure the achievement of the required his sales throughout the day.
        Divide the annual target to monthly target and then to a weekly target and then to daily Target for all groups of substances and Unending management role, but a day to achieve target daily.
        Creating good relations with the company's customers and increase their number
        Organization of work within the administration and work on coordinating efforts to serve the development and increase sales.

        Work within the administration as one team without prejudice to the desired goals
        Organize visits for sales men and dates of follow-up and monitoring and discussion for each visit and what their results and the work of a written report so
        Create a file for each client and the study of items in which the target to maximize the number of sales deals.
        Create a file for each sales man has its own visit reports, as well as the customers who deal with them, and sales figures every client of every article.
        Follow up delegates in the collection of cash or checks from customers in accordance with the policies of the credit granted by the company
        Full compliance with the limits of the credit granted to each client and monitored.

        Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports and annual sales that illustrate each sales man and each area.
        Prepare reports proportions discounts granted to customers discerning and make sure they do not exceed.
        Evaluate the performance of the delegates and working to raise their competence on an ongoing basis and targeted training courses flowing in raising the sales and profitability.
        Do work studies and forecasts for future periods and knowledge of mechanisms to deal in these periods to maximize the sales number.
        Preparation of all reports and charts that illustrate the evolution and growth of sales administration at all levels, whether delegates or regions or groups of substances or one article in order to determine the errors, if any, and the speed of treatment.
        Commit cycle of documentary and procedures within the company.

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