Knowledge and Tasks 
    Planning activities include participation in setting targets, drawing sales policies such as within the company products for policies and prices, distribution and promotion and communication with their target markets.
    Organize sales activities, which include the organization of the sales efforts through the development of an efficient and well organizational structure on account of the salesmen representing the strongest link between the company and its customers.
    Implement the sales activities that have been identified in the sales activities.
    Overseeing the salesmen efforts and direct them properly.
    Coordinate the sales activities with the other departments such as marketing and procurement, warehousing, production and financial departments.
    monitoring and evaluation the sales activities, that include sales areas, determine salesmen paths, and identify sales quotas and receive reports from the selling activity and evaluate the findings and take appropriate corrective action for the advancement of the level of performance.
    Participate in the selection and hiring salesmen in terms of work analyzing and describing, identifying the required qualifications and their source.
    Determine the salesmen training needs and the type of training required for each.
    Motivate salesmen to identify the different stimulation methods and constantly look for rewards that stimulate sales efforts with the salesmen through the development of an effective compensation system.
    Evaluate the salesmen efforts in terms of determining effective evaluation methods and objectivity to reach a reasoned judgment on the salesmen performance.
    Submit periodic reports on sales to senior management. Preparation of daily, weekly ,monthly and annual sales reports that illustrate each salesman and each area.

    Personal Skills: 

    Ability to plan, organize and follow-up of sales operations and sales staff.
    Ability to lead and motivate sales staff.
    Ability to prepare periodic and annual reports.


    English: Very Good in all reading, writing, speaking & translations.
    Arabic : Very in speaking at least.

    Work Experience 

    At least 5 years experience in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration materials sales, steel pipes and cutting of various kinds and types of valves.

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