1.Develop, maintain and implement a comprehensive Operations Technical Competence and
    Development and Assurance curriculum across the entire hierarchy of Operations department
    based on the A&P scheme to ensure that operations staff can be progressed based on leamt and
    experience-based competencies commensurate with their responsibilities.
    2. Implement a refresher program based on the A&P scheme and on contemporary developments
    and lessons leamt in the plant and in industry, to refresh and maintain the professional
    competencies of senior operations personnel including shift operations leadership.

    3. Supervise competency based progression through the Assessment and Progression (A & P)
    Schemes 1&2 for Operators/Supervisors to ensure clear understanding of the daily routine/non-
    routine operation of the plant to meet competence minimum staff manning the plant.
    4. Develop and train all plant Operators/Supervisors to become competent in Gas testing as
    Authorized Gas Safety Tester (AGST) and to be proficient in the process equipment preparation
    under the permit to work system.

    5. Review and assess performance of the A&P Schemes to fully encompass technical and
    operational changes from LFI, MOC against Competency Framework Profiles. Develop and
    coordinate computer based training and tool box presentations as part of the management of
    change process, leaming from incident, and any other improvement initiatives on plant assets for
    all Operators to meet the situation awareness philosophy .
    Perform Competence Assurance testing on Panel and Field Supervisors / Operators on the use of
    monitoring and control tools to adequately respond to process upsets and emergencies in order to
    avoid production losses.

    Develop and implement specific training packages (ESP, Gas GAME) for all POx teams in line with
    Operation's Reliability tools and proactive monitoring techniques in the field and panel to mitigate the Human error counts on the plant Operation.
    8. Coordinate the FIT/ Emergency response training for the shifts with HSEQ fire team to achieve
    Emergency response readiness for the assets. Support Panel or Field Operators in carrying out
    their required tasks during major process upset or emergency situations to enhance timely
    recovery and stability of process conditions.
    We need Highly flexible candidates to fill this position.

    Please send your CV in word format only with contact details and skype id.

    Recruiter Name:Mr. Murthy
    Email Address:jobs@kamms.net

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