FLEET TRACK is the name of a company, operating in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. In 2009, Track began with providing fleet management and tracking services. With high competent of technical team, with more then five years of experience and expertise in the field, soon became one of the competent growing company in the country.
The Company's goal is to expand its services throughout the country with branches and site operations i.e. NGO's, Missions, companies ETC Since its inception in Tanzania, Fleet track has been providing services to a wide range of customers including truck owners, tour companies and diplomatic missions. High standards of services have been maintained throughout this prolonged period of rapid growth by increasing and adapting the administrative and management structures on a commensurate basis with the growth.
Its organization is therefore hierarchically structured, with clear lines of control and responsibility, and clearly understood functions and this has contributed both to its efficiency and to its success. Decisions on personnel and materials can thus be made promptly before minor issues become major problems.

    Design and Development
    Writing Code
    Designing and deployment of reports for end user
    Database Backend support.
    Solving Issues raised by employee.
      1 yr min in GPS vehicle, fleet management, GPS based system, mobile based software 
      Preferably looking for a bachelor max upto 30 yrs age.
      Recruiter Name:Beena Sarkar Arun
      Email Id:beena.arun@naukri.com

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