Job Introduction 

Designs, develops and improves new and existing software for automotive embedded system controls. Generally completes the following duties and responsibilities with the support of senior engineering personnel and/or engineering management.

Major Responsibilities 

  • Generally assigned to increasingly complex components, sub-assemblies and systems, e.g. may be responsible for changes based on new requirements, or may contribute to the application of a new technology.
  • Coordinates the complete development for the designated products including, but not limited to embedded software design, documentation, developing C and assembly source code, in accordance with standard operating procedures and the product development/delivery process.
  • Incorporates customer requirements, regulations and product specifications into the design of the designated products, ensuring compliance with Closures Software Development Process, operational, cost, timing, safety, reliability, quality, and manufacturing feasibility parameters.
  • Analyzes products and formulates engineering conclusions by the application of engineering and/or mathematical principles and tools. Applies QFD, FEA, FMEA, DOE, VA/VE and DFM/DFA, as required in the development of the product.

  • Creates engineering documentation for the following deliverables as outlined in Closures Software Development Process: Product Specification, Software Requirement Specification, Software Development Plan, Software Design and Implement Document, DVP&Rs, 8Ds, key product characteristics, engineering changes and work orders.
  • Writes, compiles and integrates Software based on above requirements.
  • Designs / programs / implements automatic test vectors.
  • Conducts code reviews with peers and customer.
  • Consults and collaborates with personnel in various engineering and design activities relative to product development requirements in order to create/support robust electro-mechanical systems control methods to eliminate campaign failure modes.
  • Conducts effective communications within the project team and with the customer, suppliers, manufacturing and quality communities with minimal guidance from engineering management and engineering personnel.

  • Maintains all appropriate documentation.
  • Supports CAE activities (hand calculations/first order analysis). Fundamental understanding and ability to apply/utilize basic math based tools, Software simulation such as Matlab, Simulink and software development environments for embedded applications.
  • Works with senior engineering personnel to support and drive best practices in design specifications, manufacturing processes, customer requirements, and safety requirements.
  • Creates, reviews and approves engineering direction and is responsible for product testing to ensure key deliverables are met (i.e. functional requirements, cost targets, timing, safety, reliability, quality, and manufacturing feasibility parameters).

  • Reviews, approves, completes, and submits required change notices to ensure software quality meet design inputs.
  • Independently prioritizes the completion of tasks and resolution of issues to ensure compliance to Customer requirements and program deliverables. Contributes to the development of project timing.
  • Understands and follows existing policies, procedures, work instructions and standards and makes recommendations for continuous improvements

Knowledge and Education 

  • Bachelors degree in Electrical/Physics/Computer Engineering from an accredited University
  • Working knowledge of electrical hardware and electrical circuit theory as it relates to embedded controls for electro-mechanical systems

Work Experience 
  • 5-10 years of engineering experience
  • Prior automotive production launch experience required
  • Capacitive/Electric Field based sensing experience desired
  • Ultrasonic based sensing experience desired
  • Vehicle level bus communication protocol development experience (i.e. CAN, LIN)
  • Microcontroller experience (Texas Instruments, ARM, Microchip 8, 16 and 32 bit devices, Cypress pSoC, Freescale/NXP, Renesas)
  • Experience with TCP/IP, Bluetooth, WIFI, I2C, UART, SPI, RS-485, USB, MIPI CSI-2 communication interfaces
  • Mechatronics design/integration experience (motor control)
  • PID control theory and implementation experience

Skills and Competencies 
  • Ability to apply academic and other engineering principles in the development of automotive components and utilize math-based tools
  • Understand hardware embedded environments such as Freescale, Renesas, Philips, Infineon, Microchip, Atmel, Etc.
  • Expert level C, Assembly language, Matlab, Simulink, Labview, Lab windows or other software design/test tools
  • Understanding of standard software processes and industry requirements ASPICE, ISO, IEEE, CMMI, MISRA, AUTOSAR
  • Knowledge of C, C++, C#, Java for Android and Apple iOS (Smart Phone programming experience)
  • Experience with software development tools such as compilers, editors, debuggers, real-time operating systems (RTOS), and communication analyzers.
  • Engineering software skills with Linux, Microsoft Excel, MatLab
  • Lab equipment skills with Oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, soldering skills

Work Environment 

Office environment

Additional Information

Accommodations for disabilities in relation to the job selection process are available upon request.

Ashish Mhatre

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