Position: Sr. Engineering Technician Sanitary Engineering
    Field: Sanitary Engineering 

    Contract: Initial two years, automatic renewal annually following mutual agreement.

    Main Job Purpose: Supervise Sanitary Engineering Construction works

    Main duties: 
    • 1- Check the details of quality of work and ensure that the construction is done in accordance with the drawings, standard details and specifications.
    • 2- Approve minor changes in the proposed work if necessary.
    • 3- Liaise with other government authorities in fixing routes of the proposed works.
    • 4- Arrange way leaves approvals if necessary.
    • 5- Attend Site meetings with contractors and other service authorities to sort out problems.
    • 6- Arrange approval of any major changes in design through engineer.
    • 7- Verify measurements and report to the engineer on claims made by the contractor.
    • 8- Co-ordinate and liaise with other divisions to ensure satisfactory handing over of the works to OMD.
    • 9- Check all permanent works so that accurate "as built" drawings can be drawn up.
    • 10- Check CCTV inspection report and evaluate the structural condition.
    • 11- Perform material tests for rehabilitation works through the engineer.
    • 12- Identify and classify defects through the engineer so as to choose proper rehabilitation method.
    • 13- Perform other related tasks as directed by the Engineer.

  • Requirements: 

    Qualification required 
    : Diploma in Civil Engineering 

    Experience: Minimum 10 years including supervision of Sanitary Engineering works.

    Salary and Benefits: The salary is between 17 - 25 lacks annually inclusive of all benefits.


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