GROUPE ALGAMIL is one of the biggest commercial establishments and leading importers of Asian products in Republic of Djibouti, Africa. Our scope includes: Building construction; Selling of construction and electrical materials, automobiles and automotive spare parts, tyres, power generators, motorcycles & home appliance, Furniture, foodstuff & beverages. Aside from that, we have two supermarkets with amusement facilities for children.
    To handle the Site admin, Material procurement, labour etc.

    Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility.

    Responsible to handle the site from Drawing phase till completion of the Project.

    Must be able to read and operate dumpy levels / theodolite.

    Must be able to communicate with architects and engineers in order to achieve the quality standards of the company.

    Must be able to operate all engineering related equipment.

    Must be well versed with CAD software.

    Must also plan the construction project that will be taking place in conjunction with the results they found due to their analysis of the proposed project.

    During the construction process and at the end, the civil engineer must inspect the product to ensure that all rules, regulations and guidelines have been explicitly followed.

    Analyse survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, and other topographical or geologic data to plan projects.

    Compute load and grade requirements, water flow rates, and material stress factors to determine design specifications.

    Inspect project sites to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation standards.

    Maintenance of existing structures owned by the company.

    Provide technical advice regarding design, construction, or program modifications and structural repairs to top hierarchies.
      Candidate should have minimum 10 years of experience in site engineering with residential or commercial building projects.

      Should have knowledge of CAD software.

      Should have experience in handling the Site admin, Material procurement, labour, estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility.

      Must be ready to relocate at Djibouti.

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