The candidate shall be responsible to implement the new ERP/POS system the group is intending to implement. 
    Hence, the Group is looking for young, dynamic, result oriented professionals looking for a challenging opportunity.

    1. Assist, in conjunction with the Operations team to define the scope of the proposed new system in collaboration with senior management
    2.Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project
    3.Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project
    4.Review the project schedule with senior management and all other staff that will be affected by the project activities; revise the schedule as required
    5.Determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion

    Besides the above, the candidate will be responsible for:
    1. Manage backup, security and user help systems.
    2. Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements.
    3. Direct daily operations of department, analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, developing standards and setting deadlines.
    4. Assign and review the work of systems analysts, programmers, and other computer-related workers.
    5. Stay abreast of advances in technology.
    6. Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery
      Seven (7) years experience in evaluating and applying information technology solutions, establishing and maintaining databases and providing support and service directly to end-users.
      Experience in software development will be an added advantage.
      Recruiter Name:Beena Sarkar Arun

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