Urea Plant Manager

  • Operation and Maintenance of Petrochemical, fertilizer, chemicals, oil& gas.

  • Experience in Toyo Technology (ACES 21) in charge of urea.

10+ Years experience 

Maintenance Manager 

  • Responsible for Maintenance of Plant, Maintenance of  schedules, PIM updates, and Monthly Reports

  • Operation and Maintenance of Urea and Ammonia Palnt

10+ Years experience 

Utilities / Auxiliary Services Manager

  • Manager O&M staff , prepare the monthly, qaurtelrly and annual reports.
  • Responsible for Operations of plant.
  • Incharge of  review, setting guidelines, customer relations in job management

9+ Years experience 

Shift Supervisor - Ammonia
Shift Supervisor - Urea

  • Should have minimum 6 years of experience in petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer and oil & gas.
  • For Ammonia Supervisor - should have knowledge in KBR purifier technology.
  • For Urea Supervisor - Should have knowledge in Toyo tecnology

6+ Years experience 

Control Room Operator - Ammonia/ Urea/ Auxiliary Services

  • Operates and control the production operation process of plants of Ammonia and Urea.
  • Monitoring , analyzing and pressing on the  control system.
  • powering the control sysytem of auxiliary services

6+ Years experience

Email: admin1@uocindia.com , admin2@uocindia.com

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