Top Mould Co.,Ltd. Established in 2001.At present, Top Mould Co.,Ltd has become a leader in Mold Maker and die-casting mold with a variety of machineries to provide a full range of service to the customer. And Furthermore, We were accredited by ISO 9001:2008 which further heightens customer confidence

1.Produce plastic mold for customer review based on the prescribed design using the corporate standard for engineering model
2. Incorporate engineered, efficient, best practice design/production methods in the design/detail plastic mold process
3. Product development find, source, develop information and details for efficient production resulting in excellent quality
4. Define and execute timely production scope including
5. Production/manufacturing review interact with production to assure design/production flow
6. Other duties as assigned

  1. Developing complete injection mold design, right from layout stage to drafting and detailing of part drawings
  2. Design review and interaction with clients on their requirements from mold design perspective.
  3. Post trial trouble shooting and validation of tools. 
  4. Preparation of decks plan,structural profile drawings
  5. Following production plan to achieve the daily and weekly target. 
  6. Co-ordinating manpower planning in shopfloor,
  7. Following inventory controls.


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