1. To be responsible in advising project management on the proper implementation of the Loss Prevention Program (LPP)or Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Program.
    2. To report to appropriate authority any concern, deviation and hazards which have been discovered, recognized and evaluated and which may adversely or negatively affect company operation.
    3. To coordinate with the clients safety representative on matters necessary for the proper implementation of the LPP/HSE Program.
    4. To facilitate in ensuring full compliance to all applicable codes and standards, as well as guide lines set by the LLP/HSE Plan for a particular work site or project site.

    5. To set as an example to in the compliance and performance of the LPP/HSE Program.
    6. To advise and facilitate obligation from the clients safety supervisor in corrective actions and measures necessary to carry out the proper implementation of the LPP/HSE Program to its full estintent.
    7. To provide guidance, advice and assistance to site superiors in the implementation of the LPP/HSE Program.
    8. To facilitate in ensuring that habitual safety violators are reported and given the appropriate disciplinary action by the concerned department, in accordance with approved company and work site rules & regulations, and disciplinary action procedure.
    9. To maintain relative HSE statistical files, data and published HSE literatures, promotions and information necessary for the implementation of the LPP/HSE Program.
    10. To carry out regular and frequent HSE inspections and audits, in addition official inspections required by Clients to particular assigned work site.

    11. To bring to the management attention all evaluated defects and deficiencies to the conformance of the LPP/HSE program in order to facilitate re solution and subsequent HSE compliance.
    12. To conduct, participate and /or report in job safety meetings such as Tool box meetings and Contractor progress meetings, etc.
    13. To share knowledge and experiences as a tool for educating company personnel as well as learn from experience personnel.
    14. To coordinate and conduct safety trainings in accordance with the Loss Prevention/HSE Program of the project and Clients requirements.
    15. To coordinate first aid, fire, medical and other HSE related rescue operations and facilitate efficient execution of Emergency Response.
    16. To investigate all accidents, injuries, fires, property damage, and other safety related incidents, issues or disseminates required reports and ensures that recommended preventive measures are carried out.

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