Responsible for the activities of assigned construction engineers, such as the application of drawings, specifications, and
    Review quantity listings of contractor field purchased material and equipment. Initiates requisitions for field purchases.
    Review preparation of construction drawings and schedules. Review contractor design of temporary construction facilities
    and ensures preparation of as built drawings and other job plans.
    Assists subordinate construction engineers and superintendents in:
    Interpreting design drawings.
    Monitoring equipment installation and planning for delivery of construction materials and equipment.
    Assuring that proper warehousing and storage exists to ensure environmental protection.
    Reviews specifications, purchase orders, subcontracts, inspection reports, delivery schedules, instruction manuals and
    technical data.
    Administers assigned subcontracts to ensure contract remains up to date in areas such as drawings, specifications, cost
    and schedule.
    Coordinates with the Field Construction Manager on activities affecting the contract administration operation.
    Coordinates with engineering design on constructability issues.
    Supervises subcontractor work efforts and administers routine subcontract changes and interfaces with client personnel.
    May represent the company in contractual discussions and negotiations.
    Reviews and/or supervises, as assigned, the preparation of construction estimates, cost engineering studies, schedules
    and budgets.
    Analyzes assigned construction activities to determine the scope, time and resource requirements.
    Ensures that vendors bids for material and equipment are in conformance to specifications.
    Coordinates the interfacing between the construction automation plan and the project controls program at the jobsite.
    Reviews project controls documents on progress relating to cost and schedule.
    Performs personnel evaluation of assigned subordinate personnel and ensures they receive progressive training.
    Involves punch listing in project closeout during initial acceptance and final acceptance.
    Works with various functions to ensure the project achieves corporate goals set for environmental, safety & health, quality,
    cost, and schedule.
    Review all transmittals of drawings and material.
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